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During the many years that led up to the American Civil War, the United States government generally supported slavery for two reasons: First, the institution of slavery had been accepted as normative (by a significant minority of Americans, perhaps even by a slight majority) at the time that the nation was founded. Second, a significant proportion of citizens and government officials continued to view slavery as acceptable even as the nation grew and changed during the 19th century.

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Q: Why did the us government support slavery?
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Did the US government support slavery?


Why would southerners support a pro-slavery government if they did not believe in slavery?

Because slavery was the mainstay of the cotton industry.

What state in the US supported slavery first?

Maryland was the first US state to support slavery.

What actions did the us government take to support slavery?

While the national government weakly enforced the laws ending the slave trade, they still sternly enforced the laws providing for the return of fugitives to slavery. The national government collaborated with the South to keep abolitionist literature out of mails in the southern states. It was the American Justice System that declared in 1857 that the slave Dred Scott could not sue for his freedom because he was not a person, but property. All of these actions were taken by the U.S. government to support slavery.

Why was slavery banned in the us?

slavery was banned because many people including the government found it unconstitutional

Did the US government support Americans during the Vietnam war time period?

Had to, US troops=US government.

Why did thesuthern states secede from the US in 1861?

It was a question of state's rights verses the rights of the federal government. The whole slavery schick was an add-on several years later to bolster support for the north.

How did the US government treat blacks who had escaped from slavery?

they were still slaves and had to be returned

The Wilmot Proviso won support from Northern Democrats who were upset about?

The possibility of the spread of slavery in the US.

What will happen if slavery is in the US?

It already exists here in the U.S. we are all slaves to our government.

Why did Thoreau believe it disgraceful to be associated with the American government at the time this essay was written?

Henry David Thoreau detested slavery and felt a government that allowed it was immoral. He refused to pay his taxes because he could not accept a government which continued to support slavery. He believed this to be the disgrace.

Does the US government use the dutch auction to support government finances?

Dutch auction is a type of auction wherein the auctioneer begins with the highest bid. The US government makes use of this type of auction to support its government finances.?æ