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Why did the westward expansion happen?

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Because all the people heard about the California Gold Rush, so they headed westward

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Why did westward expansion happen?

maybe because of the gold rush

Who was a part of the westward expansion?

Europeans and Indians wre apart of the Westward Expansion.

How did Zebulon pike impacted westward expansion?

what does zebulon pike have to do with the westward expansion

What were some advantages and disadvantages of the Westward Expansion?

what are the advantages and disadvantages of the westward expansion

When Did The WestWard Expansion Start?

The westward Expansion started after the gold rush in 1849.

How did the War of 1812 influence westward expansion of the the US?

The War of 1812 did not influence the westward expansion of the US. Also, it did not influence Great Britain's expansion of its control of Canada westward.

What is the textbook definition of westward expansion?

To expand westward

How did the westward expansion help America?

explain how the roads, canals and railroads knitted during the westward expansion

Did the battle of little bighorn take place in westward expansion'?

Not in westward expansion, during, it was one of the expansion wars. It took place in Montana,

In what ways did westward expansion affect Native American life?

In what ways did westward expansion affect native life

Was Ulysses S. Grant president during westward expansion to the west?

He was one of the presidents during westward expansion. He was president from 1869-1877 and westward expansion was roughly from 1858-1896 i think...

What effect did the westward expansion have on the native americans?

The westward expansion had a negative effect on the Native Americans in that region. During the westward expansion, the Native Americans were forced to live on reservations that were deemed the worst land in the area.

How was John Quincy Adams in the westward expansion?

Although originally a supporter, Quincy opposed westward expansion by 1843 because of the consequent expansion of slavery into Texas.

What policy would most likely be suppurated by the democrats?

Westward expansion (APEX)

What was the key to westward expansion?


What date was the westward expansion?

in 1804

In what year was the westward expansion?

There was no real year in which westward expansion started, but it became much more popular after 1849, when the gold rush was.

What was the date of the westward expansion after the civil war?

There was not one specific date, Westward Expansion happened over a long period of time.

What were the economic reasons for the U.S.expansion westward?

Westward Expansion and Related Economic Issues

What year did expansion end?

The Westward expansion began in 1807-1912.

What was westward migration?

Westward migration or westward expansion was the principle of manifest destiny and expanding the United States of America.

Are the westward expansion and the westward movement the same?

Yes they are the same because along with the expansion, many Americans had to move and settle on the Western lands.

What are The cons of westward expansion?

The westward expansion isn't dispersed enough. It totally centralizes everything. This makes the coasts very inaccessible for everybody.

In his famous 1893 frontier thesis what was Fredrick Jackson Turner's view of westward expansion?

The expansion had shaped the nation's values. Westward expansion gave the U.S its character of rugged independence.

What year did the westward expansion end?

The Westward Expansion ended in the year 1912. Through the popular years through out its time, The West had a huge overpopulation problem. Most people during that time was thinking that there was going to be a Southward Expansion from over population. The Westward expansion began in 1807-1912.

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