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Q: Why did the white stripes break up?
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How do the black and white stripes help baby zebras avoid predaters?

The black and white stripes on baby zebras create an optical illusion called "motion dazzle" which makes it difficult for predators to single out an individual zebra from the herd. This makes it challenging for predators to gauge the speed and distance of a moving zebra, reducing the likelihood of a successful attack.

Why do zebra have white and black stripes?

Many scientists believe that zebras have black and white stripes to confuse predators.

Are zebras white in black stripes or black in white stripes?

They are white in black stripes.

What does a zebra have on it?

Black and white stripes ...but is it black with white stripes, or white with black stripes???

How zebras's black and white stripes help them to camouflage?

The stripes help to break up the shape of the zebras' bodies, making them stand out less. The wavy lines blend in with the waving grass. The black and white color is not an issue because the zebra's major predator, the lion, is color blind.

Are zebras white with black stripes or black with withe stripes?

Zebra's are white with black stripes. Zebra's are not black with white stripes.

Why are the white tigers stripes white?

they don't have white stripes they have dark brown or deep maroon stripes

Do skunks have stripes or spots?

skunks are often black with white stripes. there are also skunks that are black with white stripes

What color are a zebras stripes?

Zebras's stripes are brown and white and black and white

How many red and white stripes are there on the american flag?

You are already online, why didn't you look it up? (7 red, 6 white)

Are zebras only black with white stripes or only white with black stripes or can there be some black with white stripes and some white with black stripes?

Yes, sometimes.

When did The White Stripes end?

The White Stripes ended in 2011.