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Thanksgiving word is drive from the thanks, If some one is giving you one thing after that you are saying thanks so The complete word is thanksgiving.

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There are two name of Thanksgiving flower1: orchidsand2: daisiesThese two flower commonly used for thanksgiving.

it means giving thanks....thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a Proper Noun because it is the name of a festival.

Thanksgiving took place because when all the troops came home they would have a gathering. And a gathering is what the people called Thanksgiving before they came up with the name "Thanksgiving". So, when they founded the name Thanksgiving, they called it Thanksgiving instead of a gathering. I hope that helped! :)

Who were the 2 people who attended the first Thanksgiving

The holiday Thanksgiving should be capitalized:We had a huge turkey at our Thanksgiving dinner with our family.If you are using the term 'thanksgiving' in general, it wouldn't be capitalized:I had offered my help to her to show my thanksgiving for the help she gave me.Yes Thanksgiving should be capital because it is a proper noun not a common. ( Thanksgiving is a name)

Yes, Thanksgiving Day is a proper noun, the name of a specific day.

The word 'Thanksgiving' is a noun, a proper noun, the name of a specific holiday; a word for a thing.

thanksgiving meal, watching football, alcohol, family

The name "Thanksgiving Day" came about because the Pilgrims wanted to give Thanks to God for helping them survive the previous winter.

A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, thing, or a title.Some proper nouns that relate to Thanksgiving are:Thanksgiving (the name of a specific holiday, a proper noun is always capitalized)Plymouth ColonyWampanoag IndiansMacy's Thanksgiving Day ParadeButterball Turkey"A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving""Planes, Trains, and Automobiles", best Thanksgiving movie

he name of the organization that has protested at thanksgiving day celebrations in plymouth massachusetts

When the pilgrims had a plentiful crop, so they decided to have a feast to commemorate this day. From that day on, we have adopted the name Thanksgiving as a day to give our thanks for the good in our lives.

Macy's, hence the name Macy's Thanksgiving day parade

The name for the mass which means thanksgiving is Eucharist, which is also the name given to the consecrated bread and wine.Eucharist comes from the the greek noun eucharistía(εὐχαριστία), which means "to give thanks."

The Wampanog tribe ate the first Thanksgiving meal with the pilgrims.

The word Thanksgiving is a proper noun because it is the name of a specific holiday.

Thanksgiving is not celebrated in England (or any other part of the UK). The only similar celebration in the UK is a Harvest Festival, but this is purely a religious festival (as was the original American Thanksgiving).

Christmas, Thanksgiving

Holidays are not assigned scientific names.

Apple and appetite, to name a couple.

Thanksgiving is the proper adjective for Thanksgiving, as in "Thanksgiving turkey" and "Thanksgiving parade."

english settlers who celebrated the first thanksgiving with native americans

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