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Q: Why did they stop showing Beetle juice cartoons?
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Why did they stop showing teen titans?

Cartoonnetwork was bought by another person in 2008 who did not like anime, he wanted American cartoons. He got rid of toonami, teen titans, code lyoko and foreign cartoons.

What films were made by stop animation?

-Completely stop animation- Coroline Nightmare Before christmas -Partly stop animation- Ray Harry Hausen movies Beetle Juice Cone heads

Why cartoon network stop showing Hanna Barbera sign after cartoons off?

Because one person died in 2001 would make them stop showing it. after they stop showing Hanna Barbera sign his name was dropped and showed the cartoon network studios logo then a time warner company started in 2001-2010 they stoped making it.

Why should people stop watching only cartoons by the age of 18?

They should stop watching cartoons by the age of 18 if they want to, They don't have to if they LOVED cartoons when they were little.

Why should people stop watching mainly cartoons by the age of 18 or older?

Watching cartoons is not a childish thing there are even adult comedy cartoons and i still watch the Simpsons. there is no age to stop watching cartoons

What age should you stop watching cartoons?

When you stop enjoying them.

Why do kids past the age of 13 stop watching cartoons permanently?

I still watch cartoons!!

How do you make a toddler stop crying?

candy and cartoons

What age did you stop wearing underwear with cartoons on them?


Why do adults stop watching cartoons and playing video games besides their jobs?

Adults stop watching cartoons because video games has more pleasures like blood and nudity but cartoons dont (awnsered in a kids opinion)

What are the substances of orange juice that can stop alcoholism?

Unfortunately, there are no substances in orange juice that can stop alcoholism.

Why are university students expected to stop watching cartoons?

because at this stage, maturity is expected from them and world of cartoons is a fantasy which does not exist.

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