Totems and Totem Poles

Why did tutankamunn people invent totem poles?

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What did Haida invent?

Totem poles.

Why do people carve totem poles?

People carve totem poles to mark notable events.

Totem poles were made only by people in the?

Totem poles were made by people of the Pacific Northwest.

Did Aboriginal people build totem poles?

Yes the aboriginals did build totem poles

Are totem poles still used today?

yes, some people still carve totem poles.

Are there fake totem poles?

yes there are because people make totem poles and sell them for double the price

Did the Iroquois people have totem poles?


How are totem poles important?

i think totem poles are important because they are valuble and people in the past made them by hand.

What did Cherokee totem poles mean?

Cherokee Indians did, do not have totem poles. Northwest tribes were the only people to carve them.

Why did first nation people make totem poles?

they made totem poles to scare away the evil spirits

Where did totem poles come from?

Totem poles were first created by the First Nations of the Pacific Northwest. The totem poles were made out of red cedar and would represent the history, events or people of the tribe.

What kind of poles did people use to record their history?

Totem Poles

What is the totem pole in Tasmania used for?

people rock climb the totem poles.

Did the Lakota people make totem poles?


Do people need totem poles?

It is an opinion

Did the Mayans have totem poles?

yes Mayans did have totem poles

Did Comanche make totem poles?

NO! They didn't make totem poles!!!!!!

Do the Plateau Natives have totem poles?

Yes, the People of the Plateau where the one of the few native tides who made totem poles. Today you can find a vast amount of tall, and beautiful totem poles in BC along the sores.

What were totem poles decorated with?

Totem poles are usually decorated with people and animals. Some have writing or ancient writing as well as pictures of places.

Why do people make totem poles?


What are totem poles made from?

Depending on where the totem pole was made, or what culture it came from, totem poles where made from diffrent materials. Indians where most commonly known for wooden totem poles, but mayans totem poles where made from stones, like limestone.

What were totem poles made out of?

Totem poles are and were made from large tree trunks.

Why were totem poles built?

The totem poles were made to tell stories of the past

Did the NZ Purse tribe make totem poles?

No they did not make totem poles.

Did the Kwakiutl use totem poles?

Yes the kwakiutl built totem poles.