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Why did white collar workers have more time off than blue collar workers?

White collar workers were more likely to be longer term employees with seniority and accrued benefits vs. hourly/labor employees receiving no such vacation from the union hall.

Why did white-collar workers have more time off than blue-collar workers?

(They could stop working when the boss went home). White-collar jobs are more typically office jobs, so they usually end at five pm. Blue-collar, service-oriented jobs can be done whenever necessary, so they don't have as much flexibility.

Why did white collar workers have more time off than blue colar workers?

They could stop working when the boss went home - Apex

In 1956 there were more what than factory workers for the first time in the history of the United states?

White-collar workers.

In 1956 there were more what than factory workers for the first time in the history on the US?

white-collar workers - apex

In 1956 there were more than factory workers for the first time in the history of the United states?

white-collar workers

What is the conflict with white collar crime?

White Collar crimes can have a far worse impact than blue collar crimes, look up 'Madoff'. Also they usually do not receive equal punishments. Blue collar punishments tend to be worse.

Why the range pay for the supervisor and executives is so much greater than for the blue collar workers?

cause they are smarter

Who are bourgeoisies?

The term bourgeoisie refers to a member of the middle class that first emerged in Europe during the 1500's as a result of the commercial revolution and grew especially with the Industrial Revolution. Basically, the bourgeoisie refers to white collar workers rather than blue collar workers, which would fall into the category of the proletariat.

What is the best insurance option for white collar workers?

Insurance options for white color workers differ in that doctors, lawyers and such are included. Malpractice insurance is needed to cover these workers. There are white color workers though that so not need any different insurance than others.

White-collar workers motivation and its impacts?

Since the motivation method and practice for different employees with different job positions is different, it is essential to consider the white-collar workers job position and then it would be easy to understand how they can be motivated.White-collars are office workers which usually have some kind of administrative and supervision responsibility. They are usually well-educated and highly skilled in their field. There is a contrast among them and blue-collar workers who are in-line staff, doing a lot of physical efforts.Based on this discussion, motivating the white-collar workers is nothing different than motivation theories for managerial positions.Talking about motivating a manager, it is not only the money and the financial bonus, but more importantly the more responsibility, respect, and facilities for life. More details are available in every management principles book.

What is the different of the blue-collar worker from white -collar worker?

White-collar worker is a salaried professional or an educated worker who performs semiprofessional office, administrative, and sales coordination tasks as an opposed to a blue-collar worker,whose job requires manual labor and receives an hourly rate of pay rather than an annual salary.

Is a blue star hotter than a white star?

No, a White star is hotter than a Blue star.

Is blue or white the hottest color of flame?

White is Hotter than Blue

Is blue Vicodin stronger than white Vicodinhp?

is blue vicodin stronger than the white vicodin hp

Which is the hotter color of a flame blue or white?

White is way hotter than blue

Is a blue-white star or white star hotter?

a blue star is hotter than a white star

Is a blue white star more masive than the sun?

All blue or white stars are more massive than our Sun

Are blue diamonds rarer than white ones?

Blue diamonds are speculated to be rarer than white/clear diamonds because it is more difficult to form naturally. Blue diamonds, as such, are worth more than regular white diamonds

What shift in employment trends had occured by the mid-1950s?

Employment was very high and people were getting hired into government jobs without such in expansion of knowledge that today is inevitable to have, if applying for that kind of job. White collar jobs were much more common than blue collar jobs.

Why is it often too difficult to assign blame for white collar crimes?

It is no more difficult to solve so-called "white collar crime" than it is to solve the usual kind. All it takes is the patience to follow the evidence.

What and what makes together equals to light blue?

Blue and white mixed together equals light blue. (much more of white than blue).

What is the difference between street crime and white collar crime?

Is street crime more serious than white-coller crime Yes and no answer

What personality do you have if you are a blue collar worker?

Although some jobs lend themselves to people with a certain kind of personality, being "blue collar" or "white collar" tends to be determent on level of education, work ethic, physical ability, and job skills more so than personality. That said, it seems that a salesman should enjoy people and be outgoing. The same is true for those in the hospitality industries. It seems that someone is in unemphastitic should not be a doctor or school teacher.

What colors make lavendar?

blue red and white or purple and white generally with more blue than red