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the men were gone to war!

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Q: Why did women work more in World War 1 than ever before?
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How did World War 2 change the lives of Australian women?

More married women than ever before entered the paid workforce.

Which is a big change world war ii made in the lives of American women?

More married women than ever before entered the paid workforce.

In the 1950's more women than ever before?

held paying jobs

What are the reasons for increased participation of women in sports?

With the substantial amount of advances in the world of kitchen appliances, women have more free time than ever to pursue recreational activities.there are more lesbians in the world

What percentage of women work during war world 2?

During world war 2, there were about 25 % to 30 % of women who worked outside the house at paying jobs. More married women, more mothers, and more minority women found jobs than had before the war.

What effect did World War I have on women and African Americans?

After World War 1, women enjoyed new freedoms and the hard-won right to vote. More and More people bought modern conviences. Before World War 1 i do not know! After the war, women had the right to vote. Before the war happened i do not know!

Write paragraph on women education?

There are so many things that can be written about women and education. For example, an essay could be written about how there are more women in the educational field now than ever before.

Lyrics to More than ever before Lord I love You sung by Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir?

I'm not sure if they sing the verse, all I know is the chorus. Hope this helps. More than ever before - Lord, I love You More than ever before - Lord, I need You More than ever before - I've got to tell You I love You now more ever before.

Who did the 19th amendment impact?

the 19th amendment impacted women, it gave women the right to vote, and kindaa the right to be free. Before 1920, women did not have as much freedom as they do now. We have more opportunities now than we ever did before. So now women lead the countryy ilyy babe

What impact did the civil war have on American women?

They became more vocal as a result of the Civil Rights movement, and entered more into society as workers than ever before.

Why has international tourism increased?

there are more people in the world and is is quicker and easier to travel than ever before

The main role of women before World War 2?

Women became most independent after World War 1, taking on the "men's roles" but but became more independent again during WW2. Some main roles of women before WW2 are nurses, shop assistants and typists.

What was one of the ways that Iran became more westernized after world war 1?

iranian woman gained more rights then ever before

What did Australian women do before World War 2?

Australian Women before World War 2 were mainly housewives. They cared for their children, cooked, and did most of the housework. If they were wealthy enough to hire a servant they were given more leisure time. In World war 2 some women became Nurses, helping the fighting men when wounded.

Why did property ownership by women decline in the medieval period?

Women were not allowed rights to property before then. It was thought to be a man's world and owning property made them more equal.

What were womens' roles before world war 1?

Women were more often homemakers or worked small craft jobs before the World Wars. After World War II, so much changed because women had to work during the war to make up for the missing men in the workforce.

Do women get paid more?

Not really, but they can women are moving up in the world and becoming more independent and more educated.

Why did the Suffragettes not Gain Suffrage before World War 1?

Women did not gain the vote before the war because men thought that women would take over politically and gain more civil rights than men.

What were the experiences that the family's had to go through in the home front during World War 2?

More Women went to work in Factories. The Waves (Navy Women) got their feet on the ground. The USO became more important than ever.

Are women more likely to die before men?


Does oogenesis start before birth?

Yes. In fact women have the maximum amount of eggs they'll ever have while they are in vitro. Though that is not a cause for concern because you have thousands more than you will ever be able to use.

Is there more men than women?

There are more men in the world than women. It's true that in many developed countries, women outnumber men by a relatively small margin. But in undeveloped countries, and especially those with a preference for boy children over girl children, there is a dire shortage of women. Globally there are more men than women in the world. No there are more women in the world then men.

How does the 19th amendment affect the country today?

Women today are very powerful. We have women in politics every where. There are women judges, in 2008 we had our first woman to run for President. However, men are still making more money than women and it will be about 20 years before that will ever change

How did the World War 2 aftermath effect labor?

people felt like it was time for new oppertunities and it has changed the lives of the working women for ever. Women have been able to have much more success in life but it has ment less kids in the world which is not always a good thing By Sam Casey!!! people felt like it was time for new oppertunities and it has changed the lives of the working women for ever. Women have been able to have much more success in life but it has ment less kids in the world which is not always a bad thing By Sam Casey!!!

How did womens social life change due to the first world war?

Before the first world war, women had to stay indoors, in the kitchen ;). However, when the men went out to war, women were given the chance to work in factories. This obviously caused women to become more "social".