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Why did your rabbit bite your other rabbit?

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Sometimes rabbits have their squabbles.

Another reason can be, when rabbits are mounting behavior they will often bite to enable them to stay on. This is the cause of most bites on the shoulders and nape of the neck.

Rabbits are Territorial animals so they don't want other rabbits invading their space.

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Is it normal for a rex rabbit to bite other rabbits eyes?

Rabbits should not bite each other. If the rabbit is biting another rabbit that it is in with they need to be separated.

Why do dwarf rabbits bite?

Nope they do not bite they only nibble but it doesn't hurt . If you get a rabbit not a dwarf rabbit the rabbit will bite ''hard''.

Can a mouse harm a rabbit?

A mouse could bite a rabbit, but they wouldn't bother each other normally.

Do the rabbit dies if the ant will bite the rabbit?


Why does your rabbit bite?

Rabbits bite when they are afraid.

CAN A RABBIT bite be serious?

It depends if it is a domesticated, vaccinated,Rabbit bit, no, unless the bite gets infected. If the rabbit was a wild rabbit yes you may be affected by rabies and other sicknesses that the rabbit might not be influenced by but you will be. If another rabbit bit your rabbit or so its better to be sure it wont get infected or if the wound doesn't heal your rabbit can be affected by flystrike Hope i could help

Is it normal for a rabbit to have one of its ears go floppy and the other stay upright?

No,If one ear is floppy and the other not, that means it has ear mites. Ear mites bite the rabbit and can kill it.

Why does younger female rabbit bite older female rabbit?

cause it just does

Which hurts more a guinea pig bite or bunny bite?

i would say a bunny bite because i have a rabbit and several guineas they've all bitten me but the bite from the bunny hearts worse also my rabbit made me bleed.

Where does a stoat bite to kill a rabbit?

In the neck.

How do you know if a rabbit is going to bite you?

A rabbit can pounce like a cat! Sometimes when a rabbit pounces it may bite! Another thing; rabbits, especially does, can be really aggressive and make grunting sounds. When they are doing this, they can be in a biting mood!

How big is a Havana rabbit?

a havan rabbit is as big as a dinosaur,they can very aggressive and bite your head off!!

Why does your rabbit lick then bite you?

They are licking the salt off of your skin and then they might take a sneaky little bite.

What do you do after your rabbit bits you?

Yell or scream loud to train them not to bite

What happens if a mosquito bites a rabbit?

The Rabbit will have a mosquito bite. Don't let them scratch it is will bleed and then i might get infected.

Will a pet cat hurt your pet rabbit?

i had a rabbit but we gave her away bacause we had to many pets but my cat use to sniff the rabbit and bite it so keep a close eye on your rabbit.

How do rabbit bites feel?

Rabbit bites feel like any bites from any other animal. They can give you gentle nips or they can bite down hard enough to take off a chunk of your flesh. Rabbits have strong jaws for chewing and they can cause a bit of damage with a bite if they so choose.

How long does it take for a young rabbit to heal from a cat bite?

That depends on many things including the location and severity of the bite, the general health of the rabbit, how long the rabbit was bitten before receiving medical treatment, the type of antibiotics prescribed by your Vet, etc.

Are rabbit bites dangerous?

Rabbit bites certainly have the potential to be very dangerous. This is the case if the animal is sick or you get an infection in the bite.

Why does a rabbit bite chunks of fur from her neck if she is not pregnant?

False pregnancy.

Is it bad when a rabbit has red eyes?

yes it will bite your head off

Do bunnys chew carpet?

first they scratch at it to get a thread out then they bite it trust me i have a rabbit

What material does a pet rabbit like to bite?

empty tolilet role tubes

Why does your rabbit bite her leg?

Because she's absolutely frightened! by yo' face!

How does a rabbit protect itself from predator?

the rabbit don't have anything but speed to get away, when you corner it, it will try to bite you. but overall it just runs away.