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Q: Why didn't the British government recognize the Confederacy?
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What message did the Boston Tea Party send to the British government?

They told the British government that,"Boston Harbour is a teapot tonight."it is because they didnt wanna pay there taxes the british were charging them.

How did British rule in the colonies fail to fulfill the purpose of government?

the british didnt have the colonists consent to taxing

British government decision to give India its independence?

the british didnt have an choice other than to grant indias wish for freedom.

What did the North West territories get for joining confederation?

They got government. They didnt really have a choice cause they got sold from the british to the Canadian government!

What was the border states in the confederacy?

the border states didnt secede to the union or the confederacy the five border states arewest virginiamarylanddelewarekentuckymissouri

How did enslaved African Americans help undermine the confederacy?

they didnt because they farted

Why didnt the British recognize the Confederacy as a nation?

There were several reasons. First was the fact that the Confederacy was formed to protect the institution of slavery which was against fundamental British values. Although there were certainly some people in Britain who had no problemwith slavery in America, much the largest block of people, in all classes, were against it. A second reason was that recognising the Confederacy would inevitably have drawn Britain into the war. That was a war they were not prepared to fight, both in the sense of having the necessary men and materiel and in the sense of having the desire to fight it. Britain had no vital interest at stake in the success of the Confederacy and thus any advantage they might conceivably have gained from a possible Confederate victory would not have been worth the sacrifice involved. Lastly, and this is related to the second point, even had they come in, that would in no way have guaranteed a successfull outcome.

Is there on single event that led to The American Revolution?

they pooped their pants. no. they didnt. the british taxed the colonies unfairly

Why didnt nico recognize Chiron in titans curse?

Nico did not recognize Chiron because he did not have Chiron's figurine for Mythomagic. Otherwise, he probably would have.

Why were some Americans opposed to the constitutional?

because they didnt like the idea of having the government tell them what to do you doom doom

How did Paul Revere get on the British ship?

He didnt.

How did the church inflence government?

it didnt