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From what I know Mary did try to kill Elizabeth but Elizabeth went into hiding. Elizabeth stayed in hiding till Mary died and then came out and claimed the throne.

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Q: Why didnt Mary kill Elizabeth?
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How did elizabeth kill Mary her cousin?

Elizabeth had Mary charged with treaty and beheaded.

When did elizabeth get locked up?

because Elizabeth was accused of trying to kill Mary. Elizabeth was too a protestant and many wanted her on the throne instead of Mary.

Did Queen Elizabeth killed her half sister Mary queen of Scots?

You are confused. Mary I of Scotland (Mary Queen of Scots) was the daughter of Elizabeth's cousin. Elizabeth's half-sister was Mary I of England (Bloody Mary). She obviously did not kill her as Elizabeth had a long and fruitful reign after Mary's death.

How did Elizabeth kill her cousin Mary queen of Scots?

Elizabeth signed the death warrant, somewhat reluctantly, and Mary was beheaded.

Was elizabeth right to kill Mary queen of scotts?


Why didn't Queen Mary I kill Elizabeth?

elizabeth got her before her plan could be carried out.

Did Mary Tudor have any childhood mentors?

No, she didnt have any. But her sister Elizabeth (half sister).

What year did elizabeth kill Mary Stuart?

February 8, 1587

How did Elizabeth I catch plotters and what did she do with them?

elizabeth dealt with plotters in a mean way the way they shoud be dealt with but she didnt be as mean as Mary would have been

Why did Queen Elizabeth I kill her sister?

Elizabeth I had one sister, Queen Mary I of England, and a brother, King Edward VI of England. She did not kill either of them. She did, however, authorise the killing of her cousin Mary, Queen of Scots.

Why shouldn't Elizabeth 1 execute Mary?

Assuming you mean Mary, Queen of Scots, and not Mary Tudor (Elizabeth's half-sister), Elizabeth was reluctant to have Mary QS executed largely because, like Elizabeth, she was an anointed queen, and related to Elizabeth. She, Mary, was offered forgiveness and life, but she continued to be a part of several plots to assassinate Elizabeth. Ultimately Elizabeth had no choice and after many years and much vacillation she signed Mary's death warrant.

When did Queen Elizabeth I kill her half sister?

She didn't kill her. Mary died of natural causes on 17th, November 1558 with no issue and is the reason Elizabeth became the Queen.