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Hindus believe in the soul being indestructible; and that death symbolises end of the existence of a person's physical being, but the start of a new journey for the soul. This soul then reincarnates in some other life form, and passes through the same cycle of taking birth, growing and eventually meeting death- only to begin the cycle afresh.

Cremation of a person's dead body is therefore, supposed to rid the departed soul of any attachments to the body it previously resided in.

Also, a traditional belief among Hindus says that a person's body is composed of 5 elements- earth, fire, water, air and sky. The cremation ceremonies of Hindus are directed towards returning the body to these elements. The body is progressively returned to earth, air, sky and fire by burning it under skies; and the ashes are respectfully collected and poured in a river.

It is said that excessive mourning over a deceased prevents the soul from being completely detached from its loved ones, and keeps it from undertaking its new journey- that of taking up a new life. Cremation (and subsequent ceremonies in mourning) help to remove most of those things that can act as a reminder for the person's existence, and thereby also assist the family in getting over the loss.

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Q: Why do Hindus burn dead body?
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What are the differences between a Hindu and Christian funeral?

hindus burn the dead body where as Christians bury the body

Why the dead body of Caesar was burnt?

Q; Why Hindus burnt their dead bodies?

How do Hindus dispose of the bodies to their dead?

usually Hindus compose body of dead people by burning them. Some sects of Hinduism also offer the body to river or ocean.

What do hindus do with dead bodies?

the body is washed with water then burned

Why Hindus burn the dead body?

If logically considered, Human body if buried inside earth will take several years to decay and might bring some deadly infections to leaving people, so Hindu's burn the body. If spiritually considered, Human soul is connected to body and once any person is dead, the soul comes out of the body but does not leave this world. They become ghost and never get mukti.

How do hindus treat the dead?

they get cremated or buried as kids are already detached from the body.

Why dead body burned?

The hindus cremate the dead as they feel the soul will not find peace, it is burnt to kill the germs.

Who does the buring of the dead?

Burning of dead is the custom of Hindus, that too mostly by Brahmins. It is called consigning the body to the fire god.

How do Hindus dispose the bodies of the death?

There are two methods that Hindus follow to dispose dead bodies. One is to burn and the other is to bury. Generally, unmarried people may be buried and the remaining may be burnt.

When do hindus bury the dead body?

never, in Hinduism a dead person is burnt never buried. There after ashes of the person is spread into holy river.

Why do Sikhs burn dead bodies?

The Sikhs Burn The dead because once the soul has left the body they believe the body is nothing. They sprinkle the remains of ash into a flowing river to give the remains of their body back to nature.

What religion burns their dead?

religions that burn their people when the die are budhist believer and hindus i believe that they are weong because after they burn the they pack there remains in a glass bottle:( how sad they get punished in life and hereafter

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