Why do Ho-oh and lugia fight?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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well actually they don't. only in the theme song of Pokemon jhoto and on Pokemon movie 12 arceuse and the conquring of space-time in the beginning do they fight!

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Q: Why do Ho-oh and lugia fight?
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Is it hard to capture lugia and hooh in soul silver?

You bet

What should you use to beat Groudon lugia hooh Palkia mewtwo dialga?

Lugia and Palkia are super effective

What is code for Lugia and hooh?

you have to get a mystery ticket if you want a deyoxes you have to get a aurora ticket.

Can you get both hooh and Lugia in Pokemon SoulSilver?

yes you can. but if you have Pokemon soulsilver, the first encounter will be a lugia and vice versa for ho-oh.

What are good Pokemon to use against the elite four?

scyther lv46 typhlosion lv51 lugia or hooh lv54

Who is the better Pokemon Lugia or hooh?

Lugia! Lugia's water type moves are super effective to ho-oh! Unfortunately, for some reason, Lugia isn't a water type!!! So ho-ohs fire type won't be not very effective, but Lugia's water moves will still be super effective if you use water moves

Where is lugia in leafgreen you also need to know how to catch Suicune and is hooh and mew possible to catch?

to catch any of these u need either a gameshark or use other cheats.

Where is Lugia on pokemonindigo?

Were you fight champion steave

What kinda legendary Pokémon you can get in Soulsilver?

lugia, hooh, red garados but that doesnt really count, mewtwo, groudon, the three dog pokemon, the three bird pokemon, speacial event celebi,

How would win in a fight shadow Lugia or Lugia?

dude there the same person there is only one luigia

What is the ticket for Lugia in Sapphire?

there is no ticket to get lugia. if u fight the interviewer gabby about 14 times u get a lugia.*well dats wat i heard frm someone......

Can you fight lugia a third time in Pokemon heartgold?

no sorry...