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some people say that it does when you put it in coke or a carbonated drink... <heather>

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How do you explode coke?

By shaking it and then it will explode OR you can put mentos in it!!

Do Mentos explode with other pop?

No mentos only explode in diet it pop if you try regular you will be wasting your time

Why do Pepsi and Mentos explode?

its the gas in the Pepsi that makes it explode.

What can explode soda?

Dropping Mentos into soda will cause it to explode.

How do you make Mentos and coke explode?

Because of the carbon dioxide in the Mentos :)

Does Skittles make root beer explode?

No, mentos (mint not flavored mentos)make root beer "explode" not skittles.

Can sprite and Mentos explode?


Does Mentos explode in club soda?


What candy explode in soda?


What does Mentos have in it that makes coke explode?

The chemical that is in mentos that make coke explode is nothing but the explosion is caused be holes on the surface of the mento

How many Mentos do you need to make a soda bottle explode?

You Will Need About 5 Or 6 Mentos To Make The Bottle Of Soda Explode.

Does mentos explode in coke or Diet Coke?

Mentoes explode in both

What sodas explode with Mentos?

Diet Coke and Mentos produce the largest spectacle.

Does every pop explode with mentos?

stop with the mentos and get some pie instead.

Why does coca cola explode when Mentos are dropped into it?

the mentos cause a chemical reaction with the coke causing it to explode . Mentos cause the carbon dioxide to come out of the cola creating pressure inside the bottle :)

Why does soda explode when Mentos are interacted with each other?

It is the chemical reaction that the mentos have when they combine

Why does coke explode when you put Mentos in it?


What happens when you mix Pepsi and Mentos?

It will explode.

What makes a soda explode?

Mentos in coke

Do Mentos explode in regular coke?


What Mentos make soda explode?


How do you make coke and a Mentos explode?

mix it

What is a better soda that can explode with Mentos?


What else makes coke explode?


Can RC cola and Mentos explode?


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