Why do NASA scientists want to make a mission to the planet of Mars?

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To find another planet that can support life in case Earth runs out of its resources in the future.
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What makes up the atmosphere of the planet mars?

Mars does have an atmosphere, but it doesn't have much. The thin atmosphere of Mars is almost entirely carbon dioxide (95.3%) with about 2.7% nitrogen and 1.6% argon. The free oxygen content is only about 0.13%, with most of the oxygen bound to the oxidized rock on the surface of the planet.

What makes the planet mars move?

Every hope and dream from every single human in the observable universe traveling at 24.5 meters per second

What make planet mars red?

Mars is called the red for a reason: the amount of rusty iron that is on its own surface. Many scientists believe that there used to be life on that planet because of all the frozen water and the fact there is rusty iron all over the place. The only way iron can rust is that it has to have contact w ( Full Answer )

What makes Mars a special planet?

Mars is very special because it is the only planet that could actually have life. With NASA down, we are going to be really slow in the Space Program.

What data is NASA collecting from Mars?

Almost everything they can. Everything from simple compounds to reminisce of water. Mostly just looking for organic molecules. That is, molecules that have carbon in them. Sorry, no little green men.

What makes planet Mars unique?

It has two moons, it's reddish appearance is a result of the large amounts of iron oxide (aka rust).

Has NASA gone to mars?

NASA has sent a number of space craft to Mars, including a surveyor and several rovers. More missions are planned.

How did NASA find out about Mars?

People have known about Mars since ancient times. Indeed, its name comes to us from the ancient Romans who associated it with their god of war (Mars) because of the planet's red color. Nasa probably found out about mars from going to school. Most of the people who were hired at NASA back in its e ( Full Answer )

What do scientists do in NASA?

Scientists at NASA do various things. The tasks are all space or physics related. NASA is US's Space Program. They launched satellites like Swift,skylab ect. NASA scientists test zero G, jet propulsion, sample space rocks ect. Space Shuttles and Mars Rovers are one of NASA's achievements.

Date when nasa is going to Mars?

NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin has stated that we must accomplish at least four objectives before we are prepared for a Mars mission. We must successfully build and operate the planned International Space Station, gain working-level experience with other nations in space cooperation, develop an af ( Full Answer )

What was the mission of NASA?

NASA's original mission was to beat the Russians to the moon, which they did. Now, however, they are devoted to studying and researching space.

What Makes Mars a Cold Planet?

This is mainly due to its distance from the sun - its much further away from the heat source than earth. It also has a very thin atmosphere which doesn't help.

When is NASA going to Mars?

NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin has stated that we must accomplish at least four objectives before we are prepared for a Mars mission. We must successfully build and operate the planned International Space Station, gain working-level experience with other nations in space cooperation, develop an af ( Full Answer )

Are all the Mars rovers from NASA?

Yes. As far as is known, the only research vehicles presently operating on the Martian surface are those placed there by the US, and the US' space exploration program is the only one to have landed hardware on Mars so far.

When did NASA discovere Mars?

NASA did not discover Mars. The planet has been known about for over 500 years. Being that it is visible from Earth, nobody is entirely sure who first discovered Mars, but it is known that the first man to view Mars through a telescope was Galileo Galilei in 1609.

What element makes mars the red planet?

The reason that makes mars read is not due to a element but to different elements chained together or otherwise known as a molecule the molecule what makes Mars red is iron oxide or in layman's terms rust. The chemical formula for iron oxide is is Fe 2 O 3 .

What did the NASA scientists do?

They are the ones who design build and pilot the robots (rovers) if you don't know that you don't know what a scientist is

Why do scientist want to know if there was ever water on mars?

If there was ever water on Mars, then there might have been life that evolved on Mars, and possibly even life that was carried to the Earth as a result of some violent meteoric impact which sent debris into outer space from Mars. In any event, scientists are engaged in an effort to better understand ( Full Answer )

Why do scientists want to learn about Mars?

because they want to know weather we can live there cuz were trashing out earth !! also because they have nothing better to do cancer has a grip on the universe >:( by jimmy

Why has NASA sent probes instead of manned missions to places like moon and mars?

Lots of reasons, many of them having to do with fuel efficiency. A robot probe may (or may not) actually weigh less than a man, but a probe doesn't require food, water, or oxygen so the total mission weight can be much less. Also, the travel time for the mission is irrelevant to a probe (within re ( Full Answer )

How did nasa get the Mars rover on Mars?

The Spirit and Opportunity rovers were each launched on an Atlas V rocket, travelled throughout space for about 6 months, then parachuted through Mars's atmosphere and landed by Inflating large airbags around their protective landing shells and dropping to the ground.

Why is NASA exploring mars?

Just to explore it to find out things about it and why is there ice on the bottom of it and to study it's rocks and stuff like that. But some people say they are looking for alien life. But who knows, could be both.

Why don't they make Mars Mission Legos anymore?

LEGO can't keep making the same series forever or people would get bored of it so they make different types of sets to keep it fresh. I agree, LEGO should keep some of the old series alive for young people to experience.

Has NASA ever visited Mars?

NO. because we can't get past the magnetic field of earth...that was a sci-fi movie that they made...

How does NASA explain the face on Mars?

The "Face" on Mars that was captured by early space probe Viking 1 in 1976, was again captured by NASA's Mars Global Surveyor in 1998, using HD cameras. It shows that it's just a natural rock mesa formation. You can view a HD pic of it at the link below.

Why nasa create a Mars rover?

Since Mars is an unknown place, at first the machines pass the ground and send photoes, analysis sands, stones, climate of the Mars surface.

What 5 questions do scientists have about the planet mars?

I don't know all 5, but here are some Has there ever been life on Mars If so, what happened to it's atmosphere If so how advanced If it did have an atmosphere, why is it ahead of the Earth in evolution or are we looking at Earths future

What spacecraft provided the initial data for NASA scientists to determine future mission landing sites on the Moon?

There were a series of probes that did that. It was called the "Ranger" program. If memory serves, Ranger 7 gave the best data. This was back in the early days of the space program, and the Rangers did not have any equipment or capacity to land on the moon. They were launched from Florida like a sim ( Full Answer )

Did NASA land on Mars?

NASA has landed several robotic probes on Mars. No astronauts have visited Mars, and the Administration itself has remained on E St SW in Washington.

How many Mars rovers do NASA have?

So far, Nasa has successfully acquired four Mars rovers: the Mars Pathfinder, Sojourner, Opportunity, and the Spirit. These were managed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Mars Science Laboratory.

Why would a scientist want to model the size of the sun and planets?

Because he is curious about it but mainly because the problem of finding out why the planets move as they do was the major factor that puzzled scientists for the best part of 2000 years. It drove them mad but it was not too difficult to be solved by the best minds by the time the 18th century came a ( Full Answer )