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It gives weird people a sense of comfort whilst wearing them in strange places. Most people will call them mentally disturbed.


Seeing as most level-headed mature people do not wear underwear on their heads, the simple answer is that it is a form of amusement for those with less maturity, such as children, or just excessivley immature adults.


They think it's a hat?

Answer: To keep their underwear cleaner.


because they are raving loonies.

Children and teenagers believe it or not, love to be total nutjobs from time to time. they love to do stupid and funny things for attention and just because it's something that will stay with them for a while. I should totally try that!

another answer: because we feel like it :)

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Do people not wear underwear under pants?

Some people do, but most people wear underwear.

Did president bush wear an underwear over his head?

I would have to say no. While it may seem that Bush has underwear on his head, or his head up his A**, I have never seen him with underwear actually on his head

What color underwear do people wear?

People wear underwear of different colors. Many wear white, but underwear can be red, black, green, blue, yellow or any other color.

Do Muslims wear underwear?

Of course, they do. I wonder of the question about that. Muslims, as all people, wear underwear.

What underwear do gay teens like to wear?

Gay teens can wear any underwear they want. There is no specific underwear for gay people.

Do women wear underwear under tights?

Some women wear underwear under tights and some do not. Tights are made to be worn without underwear, but many people do still wear them.

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What is the average weight of underwear?

The answer depends on what you consider to be underwear and in which country. In tropical countries people are more likely to wear light underwear whereas during the winter people in cold countries are more likely to wear heavier underwear.

Why do people wear underwear when they have pants?

people where to wear pants so they do not eat cake

What type of clothing do people wear in Australia?

Australian people wear underwear and braws. :))))

Do you where underwear with compression shorts?

No, Infact some people wear compression shorts as underwear

Why do girls sometimes wear no underwear?

Some people are more comfortable not wearing underwear.

Should you wear underwear on your head?

If you want to be for a costume.....maybe...... why though?

What are the items of clothing that start with the letter you?

People wear underwear. People wear an undershirt and underpants.

Does Amanda Bynes wear underwear?

No she does not wear underwear!

Do most people wear underwear?

Yes, yes they do.

In Scotland do people wear underwear?

yes ofcourse

How many people never wear underwear?


What type of clothes do Amazon people wear?


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none he doesn't wear underwear!!!!!!!!!!! none he doesn't wear underwear!!!!!!!!!!!

What did people wear in 1845?

in 1845, people would wear shirts, socks, shoes, underwear, and pants.

Do most people wear underwear under pajamas?

The wearing of underwear under pjs is a matter of personal preference. They wear whatever is comfortable for them. Then too, it depends on why they are wearing pajamas. Most people here in the west use pjs mainly for sleeping and may or may not wear underwear with them. However there are some cultures that wear pjs as lounging attire at home and these people more than likely would wear underwear beneath the pajama.

Do female ballet dancers wear underwear?

When you start off you can wear underwear, but typically female ballet dancers do not wear underwear.

What is a item people wear that start with a you?

underwear undershirt uniform

What do people wear in spring when it rains?

rain coats and underwear

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