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Q: Why do Russians wear mostly red?
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What do Russians wear?

They wear bikinis, bras, and thongs.

What do Russians wear at Christmas time?


Did The Russians originate in China?

not at all mostly eastern europe

What color bandanas do bloods wear?

they where it on there head, nose to mouth, and i think legs.we were our flags on our face, arms,ankles,and sometimes on our necks `SOOWOOP`

What are some legendary creatures?

Some are Bigfoot, Lochness Monster, the HellHound, Yeti, Russians, Soviet Russians... But mostly Russians Polina K is the best Russian Morgan is the worst.

What color uniform did the patriots wear?

Blue is home, white is away, and the alternate is red

What colour does kelly kelly wear on WWE?

Mostly white, pink, red, etc. it varies from time to time.

Why the people wear red on Chinese New Year?

It is because red is fire and also it represents happiness and lucky.

What cloths do Russians wear?

You think they only where one kind of clothing?

Do Russians wear jackets all year?

No. It gets warm in the summer (July)

Do Russians Wear Jeans?

Of Course, Russia is quite westernised, especially in the West.

What colors can a red head wear?

Mostly olive green and other Earth toned colors. Ex: Brown, yellow, fuchsia.