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A turban is a kind of heard wear that invovles cloth winding. Sikh consider wearing turbans as part of their religious practice. All Sikhs prefer not to cut there hair so can keep the hair tidy by wearing the turban.

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What religions require men to wear turbans?

The Sikh religion.

Sikh men wear turbans and have beards why?

because they don't cut there hair

What religions other than the Sikh religion require men to wear turbans?

Islam encourage men to wear turbans,but it is not a strict rule as in Sikhism

Why do the Hindu men wear turbans?

You are thinking Sikh, and that is because it is out of love and obedience of the wishes of the founders of their faith.

What kind of clothes do people in Sikh wear?

Sikh people have long hair. They never cut them. So, they wear turbans

What do Punjabi people wear?

Men in punjab wear kurta and dhoti and their turbans . Ladies in punjab wear salwar-kamiez and chunri.... it is a religious rule there to wear turbans (for men).

How do you use a sentence using the word turban?

The men also wore amazing turbans, nothing like the sikh turbans we see in the west.

What religions worship god and also forbid hair cutting?

You are describing the Sikh religion. Sikhs are monotheists, and the men wear turbans because they do not cut their hair.

What do men wear to show that they are Sikhs?


Why do people wear turbans to hide their hair?

People do not necessarily wear turbans to hide their hair. Followers of the Sikh religion wear turbans because they believe that it conveys royalty, grace and uniqueness. In other regions, turbans are used because they are very effective at protecting the head from the heat of the sun in deserts.

Who wears a turban?

In the Western countries (United States, England, Australia, and Canada), the people that wear turbans are Sikhs. There are two types of turbans that Sikhs wear: Dastar and Patka. The patka is what Sikh male teenagers wear. The Patka is not actually a turban, but it serves the same purpose as the dastar. The dastar is the large turban that Sikh male adults wear to keep their uncut hair inside. Men in the Middle East also wear turbans. There are two kinds of turbans in the Middle East: Amamah and Keffiyeh. The Keffiyeh is not technically a turban, but it serves the same purpose as an Amamah (turban), to keep your head cool from the extreme heat. The Keffiyeh is also a pice of cloth tied to your head, but with different material and way of tying. The Sikh turbans are peaked and of various colors. The Middle Eastern turbans are White, Black, or Green.

Why do Indian men wear turbans and do they ever take then off?

Not all Indian wear turbans. Only some "Punjabi's" mens wear turbans. And they take it off when in the morning when they go for shower.

Do Sikh children wear turbans?

Yes, they get them when they turn 5. They don`t cut their hair ever.

How do you know if someone is Sikh?

the men normally wear turbans not so much these days but yea and woman arent supposed to cut their hair but these days they do so...i told you all i can

Do Hindu men wear turbans?

It's actually only the Sikhs wear it.

What happens when you take off a Muslim's turban?

Muslim men don't wear turbans, Sikh men do. It is a tenant of the Sikh religion for men to not cut their hair and to keep it covered. Muslim women wear a scarf or hijab (not a turban). If you take that off without their permission they will be very offended as they wear it it public for modesty purposes - it would be almost like taking off a woman's shirt in public.

Why are Sikh boys circumcised?

Sikh Boys Are Not Circumcised!!! very true, Sikh boys are not circumcised because Sikhs believe in living life the way God made them. No changes, that's why they don't cut their hair and wear turbans, God gave them hair and it was a blessing so the men use the turbans to just keep it under control. God had made men with an uncut penis and they believe who are we to change what he created so they leave as uncut

What clothes do Hindus wear?

Women Usually Wear Dresses And Men Wear Robes And Turbans

Do men in India wear turbans?

Yes they do at several places/states.

Were Sikh turbans a women or a man?

Most likely men if they don't cut their hair sometimes women who are very religious

Why do Christian men wear turban?

Turbans are worn for cultural reasons as well as possibly religious reasons. Christians in the US, for example, do not generally wear turbans; that is not Western culture. Christians in India or the Middle East, however, might wear turbans.

What do the different colors of Sikh Turbans mean?


Do Arabic people wear turbans?

Yes, Arabic people do wear turbans. The traditional head gear (Keffiyeh) of Arab men is considered a turban because it is a piece of cloth tied to their head. They are worn in Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Palestine. Arab men sometimes wear the Amamah, which is similar to a Sikh turban but they are not as peaked. They are worn in Oman, Yemen, Sudan, Iraqi Kurdistan, and the rural areas of Egypt.

What do most Sikh men wear on their heads?

They wear a colorful turban.

Which country wear Turbans?

Middle easterners wear turbans. The Middle Easterners that wear turbans are from North Africa, Kurdistan, and the Persian Gulf.

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