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Q: Why do Women have a greater BAL than men of the same weight?
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Is blood volume in men greater than in women?

Blood volume has more to do with weight than sex.

If the weight of an object is greater than the weight of the water that it displaces what will happen?

It will sink, because it has a greater density (the same volume weighing more)

Is 8.3 kilograms greater than 8300 grams?

Neither is greater.

Why the men has greater heart weight than the women?

This is due to physical size differences, mostly.

Is 1kg greater than 1000 grams?

No - they're both the same weight !

What take longer to stop than a car traveling at same speed?

Anything with greater mass (weight) than that car.

Would weight increase or decrase on the surface of an earth sized planet with greater mass than earth?

If you're the same distance from the center of the planet but its mass is greater than earth's mass, then the mutual gravitational force between you and that planet is greater than on earth, and you'll "weigh" more than you do here.

Why do oil tankers float?

Same reason as any ships floats - the weight of the water that the hull can push aside is greater than the weight of the ship.

Is the weight of a person or a subject less than or greater than the poles of the equator?


Would the blood alcohol be the same for a man and women who weight the same and drink the same?

No, even though they weigh the same men and women have a different body chemistry. Men have a higher percentage of their mass as water than men so alcohol affects them less than women.

How do you do greater than or less than on a number line?

Greater than is the same as "to the right of" Less than is the same as "to the left of"

What force cause objects to float when the weight is greater than a buoyant force?

If the weight of an object is greater than its buoyant force, then it will not float - it will sink.