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Cause they esplode

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Q: Why do aerosal cans have a ''do not incinerate'' warning?
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What warning is written on an aerosol can?

"do not incinerate"

Why do aerosol cans have a do not incinerate morning?

If they still have propellant they will explode when incinerated.

Why does the warning do not incinerate is needed on aerosol containers?

The container will explode when heated.

Why must deoderant cans be held at a certain temperature?

Because with the removal of CFC's from aerosal cans, they use propane now as a projectant fuel. If propane becomes over heated, it will, of course explode.

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Why are spray cans labeled with abold warning sign that tells consumers not to dispose of the empty cans in an incinirator?

Cuz they will explode

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Explain why sprays can contain warnings such as do not puncture or incinerate?

Sprays and contain warnings to ensure people are aware of the potential for danger. Manufacturers place these warnings on cans to limit their exposure to liability.

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