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Because it costs money (or energy/time) to skim the fat off.

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How do you spell dairys?


The milk sold in aldi us stores does it come from us dairys or does it come from Europe dairys?

It comes from US dairies, because transporting milk would be prohibitively expensive.

When is dairys of a badman 10 coming out?

Friday 27th January 2012

How many dairy cows are there in the world.....?

Well on my cousins dairys together there are at least 9,000

Do farmer milk goats in dairys?

Yup. They sure do. My friend had a goat dairy, and she milked 300/day.

Is goat cheese allowed on the yeast free diet?

depends on if you are allergic to yeast... regularly dairys contain yeast

Where do you get ice cream from?

You can buy ice cream in most dairys and supermarkets. The best is obviously from the highest dairy producers, i.e NEW ZEALAND!

What kind of food did people eat in the 1500's?

they ate things like meats and dairys and breads. they drank things like water and wine.

Who turns Elena in to a vampier in vampier dairys?

Damon turns Elena into a vampire, and then Elena attacks Stefan, because she thinks that Stefan is a danger to her creator (Damon).

Who was Robert wiseman?

Robert wiseman was the founder of the Robert Wiseman Dairys who sell milk, creams and butters. this is now a world wide service! check for more info!

What are some example foods for a diet?

According to a person , there are many healthy diet foods. Generally, Fruits, Cereal, Fibers, Low fat Dairys,non fat chicken, turkey breast, non fat roast beef, whole wheat breads are some of them diet foods.

What did monks do in the monstaries?

Generally speaking monks would pray, chant the canonical hours (Prime, terce, sext, none, vespers, compline, matins, lauds), and they would work. Depending on where the monks were living and what order they belonged to they would have gardens, dairys, or they would teach, or provide medical services.

Why do you have to pasteurize milk?

Pasteurization was developed when dairys were dirty and sanitation was almost non existant. It helped to create a safer product under bad circumstances. Today milk in the U S is highly regulated and inspected and it is very clean and safe, so pasteurization isn't actually needed as long as the milking procedure and facilities are clean and inspected. I drink only raw milk.

What are the skills needed to do motor rewinding?

YOU NEED CONSETRATION AND NEAT. It helps tremendously to have had electrical training in areas such as electric motors,Basic AC and DC theory, and machine shop. As with any skill, practice and being yourown severest critic help move you toward a desirable level of competence. Approachothers who are employed in that industry and ask questions.The above is correct and needed. I work as an electric motor re-winder for a small shop 3rd generation owner and taught by him. I am after 2 years moving into my own waters there and improving the product as I go. One dairy we re-wind for says our motors last 3 times longer than the new ones.AC/DC theory is needed, machine shop experience only for the person that re-assembles unless your shop has you do motors from start to finish. Strong hands and patience are the key tools in this trade for sure. The work is a bit repetitive but thinking on how to improve your product keep your mind busy.This career can help you to feel very connected to the community as all types of businesses and people need your service. In my area the farmers and dairys love us very much and we get gifts from them often. Knowing dairys and farmers is a special bonus for hunters also. Your career as a re-winder helps keep people working in industry as well when their plant goes down, the city uses you to keep water flowing and the list goes on and on.