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Humans are also animals, and I think you know why we love, but sometimes other animals have no chose to make, or sometimes they love each other for the same reason that we do.

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Q: Why do animals love each other?
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Do animals love each other when they are mates for life?

yes they will still love each other for life

How does animals cooperate with each other?

they warn each other when danger is near.

Do hamsters and guinea pigs get jealous of each other?

no, there not like humans and have fashon shows or get more spoiled than others, they love each other because they are herd animals and have to get along with other animals. thanks

How do elephant males impres female elephants?

by battling each other for her love just like other male animals

Are the Veronicas in love with each other?

They love each, as they are sisters, but they are not in love with each other

Do chinchillas love each other?

all animals if it is possible, find a mate, so the answer to that question is yes.

Why do animals look different from each other?

If they are same on each other, it should be "animal", not "animals".

Does Sakura and Syaoran love each other?

Yes they do love each other. If you watch the series you can see that they do in fact love each other.

What does relationship mean?

When people love each other and love each other back.

What eats love bugs?

Birds love to eat love bugs and their larvae. Other animals that eat love bugs include small animals and other insects.

When a man and a woman love each other very much what happens?

well son........when a man and a woman love each other the have sex like wild animals and there u get a baby.........dirty dirty sex for example 8=======D (|) then u get a baby

Do Ash and Misty love each other?

They don't love each other, but it is quite vivid that they have feelings for each other.

Why do animals have reproduction?

Well to keep the species alive obviously, If they did not the animal would become extinct. We are animals and when someone does have sex it is generally when they love each other and want to have a family.

How do organisms in a community interact with each other?

They interact with each other by plants giving animals food and we can get our food from other animals!

It is more important to be in love with or to love each other?

to love each other cause how else are you suppposed to have sex

How would animals that don't usually come near each other react?

Animals that normally don't come near each other will be weary of each other. These animals could choose not to interact for example.

Is Minnie Mouse or daisy duck in a love triangle with each other?

No, Minnie and Mickey Mouse love each other and Daisy and Donald Duck love each other

Why do brothers and sisters like to annoy each other?

they love each other so much that they have to bother each other to spend their time or they love to bother each other

Who loves each other more?

No one, both of you love each other and love can't be measured. No love is greater than the other.

How do plants and animals depend on each other on the aquarium?

Plants and animals depend on each other in an aquarium. One reason is because they protect each other from predators.

Should you kiss your best friend if you 2 love each other?

yes if you two love each and in joy each other love is great

Does Taylor and Kristen love each other?

I think they love each other because they dated a while and i think they like each other.

What is it called when two people love each other and they know they love each other but they're not dating?

when you love each other and your not together it's called GET 2 GETHER NOW!!!!

Do Harry and Hermione love each other or do Ron and herminone love each other?

Both is true, but Harry and Hermione are not in love with each other; Ron and Hermione are.

Why do peter and susan love each other?

They love each other because they are brother and sister!