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Different kind of medicines work for different nature of person. It depends on the kind of depression you are suffering of. I suggest you to use Librium Medication to remove anxiety. This particular tablet has its own benefits.

The person who are suffering of depression and anxiety are suggested to buy Librium 25 mg from OnlineDrugPills online pharmacy at best prices.

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Q: Why do antidepressants work for some people with ADD?
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Does Percocet cancel out antidepressants?

No percocet doesn't cancel out antidepressant's been on antidepressants for the past 2 years and Ive done percocet with them and they both seemed to work fine and do their own jobs fine if not even a little better I might add...Hope that helps :)

What happens if you mix ADD medication with antidepressants?

you will have an insanely bad crash and if you have depression your symptoms will worsen for a few days after taking ADD meds

What is the best medicine for add in adults?

Most likely a combination. A stimulant plus an anti-anxiety drug (like most antidepressants) may work best. It varies from person to person and you'll have to do the trial and error game with your doctor.

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What treaments are available for people with ADD or ADHD?

The main one is stimulant medication like Ritalin and others. In addition, therapy or training in self-management, planning, and developing habits like using a pocket notebook are important as well. In adults, some antidepressants (NDRI's like Welbutrin) can sometimes help if stimulants are not working.

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