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In space there is no gravity for the muscles to work against so they tend to degenerate as do the bones they are attached to. Astronauts special exercises help to minimise these problems.

2008-03-19 19:51:05
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Q: Why do astronauts need to do special exercises?
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What exercises do astronauts do?

star jumps

Why do astronauts need to do space exercises?

When in space, the astronauts are experiencing weightlessness. The apparent lack of gravity causes your body's muscles to wither away and your bone density to decrease. To prevent this, they have to exercise.

Do the astronauts need special clothes while living and working inside the space station?

If the space station is pressurized, I don't think astronauts need to where space suits.

Why did astronauts need a special coating to protect their equipment in space?

so it wont explode

Why do astronauts have to wear special spacesuits?

Astronauts need spacesuits because the environment in space is very unlike Earth. Spacesuits regulate pressure, temperature, and supply breathable air so the astronauts can survive.

Why do astronauts have to have special gear to breathe?

Since there is no breathable air in space, they need the gear to allow them to breath.

Name three types of special equipment astronauts need to work in space?

containers, space suits,

What are the best exercises for cardiovascular Fitness?

The best exercises for Cardiovascular Fitness would be running, cross-country skiing, bicycling and swimming. These are the exercises that I strongly recommend, as most of them don't need special equipment to be taken advantage of.

How are the astronauts inside the spacecraft protected from heat?

astronauts wear special suit which them protected from heat

How are astronauts inside the spacecraft protected from the heat?

astronauts wear special suits which protect them from the heat

Do astronauts do special training?

Yes, lots and lots of it.

Where can I do feldenkrais exercises?

You need to go to a special provider for this. It isn't something that's very easy to do at home, at least in my experience.

Why have scientists developed exercises for astronauts living in outer space for long periods of time?

Why have scientists developed exercises for astronauts living in outer space for long periods of time? Due to lack of gravitational field all the systms of the body but especially the musculoskeletal system is affected, in terms of bone resorption. To mninimize the effects of zero gravity exercises are developed.

Why do sea divers and astronauts need to wear special suits?

Both astronauts and sea divers wear special sits because they travel into atmospheres that are strange to our bodies. Our bodies were not built to stand extremely deep waters and outer space. The suits protect them as they go about their business in those places.

What does astronauts need in space?

Astronauts need oxygen, water, food, protection against the severe cold in space.

Food astronauts eat?

The food of the astronauts is all packed dated and named , it special food light , as it can float in space.

How do astronauts survive in spacecraft?

The spacecraft provides the astronauts with everything they need to survive.

How do astronauts use the restrooms?

they use special gravity toilets

Who flies to the moon?

Astronauts fly in rockets to the moon. They need to wear special clothing and masks so they can breathe because there is no oxygen in the solar system.

What do astronauts need to learn?

they need to learn stuff

Do astronauts need to wear a seat belt?

Yes, astronauts wear seat belts.

What do astronauts need to know?


Why do the astronauts wear a special spacesuit when visit to space?

so they can breathe

What exercises do astronauts do before they go into space?

gravity exercise etc stuff to make it so they can get used to the gravitational pull

Do astronauts need to walk on the moon?

No, because most astronauts just make it into space but don't walk on the moon and their still considered astronauts.