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To be prepared because everything is different in space.

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Q: Why do astronauts train before going to space?
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Why it is important for astronauts to train in the Vomit Comet before going into space?

It is important cause they will vomit

What is the original meaning of astronauts?

ASTRONAUTS=is person that train walking in the space

How do Astronauts train for space?

they go in water and fix things

Do astronauts do any jobs on the international space station?

it depends on what they train to do

Can you train on space or in a tight space?

It would be hard but astronauts would of been trained to do that so they can

What research does the Johnson space center do?

All the astronauts train at the Johnson space craft center in Texas.

Do you have to go up in space to be an astronaut?

No u do not need to go up into space to be an astronaut. Actually many astronauts train and train but don't get to go up in space.

How do the astronauts train for a space mission to the International Space Station?

They get fit and go under water so they can get used to no gravity and no air

How are astronauts aboard the International Space Station ISS helping scientists prepare for a human mission to Mars?

they train

How many people were astronauts when the first people landed on the moon?

Before you can land on the moon, or even survive in space or the space craft, you need years and years of training. Also, you need special suits which only places like NASA have. So you need to become an astronaut before you can train to get the qualifications to fly to outer space. Hope it helped!

Where did the men train for the Apollo 13 mission?

The Apollo 13 astronauts trained at the Johnson Space craft center at Houston Texas.

Why do astronaut have to be healthy before going into flight?

Because in space flight, and especially in extended space flight, astronauts do not enjoy the benefits of the force of gravity. The gravity on earth provides resistance to movement, thereby continuously maintaining muscle health and strength. Without this benefit, astronauts' bodies can become weakened quite rapidly; therefore they undergo strenuous diet & exercise both prior to and during manned space flight missions.