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so they don't stay out in space, out of space craft for too long otherwise they will get hypothermia and frostbite.

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Q: Why do astronauts use ear thermometers?
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Do doctors use ear thermometers?


What different kinds of thermometers are there?

There are 34 different types of thermometer that range from alcohol thermometers and ear thermometers to medical thermometers and electrical resistance thermometers.

What do ear thermometers do?

take your temperature!

What were ear thermometers used for?

Ear Thermometers are used to take a person's internal temperature via the ear. The average human's normal temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the best thermometer to use on people?

An aural (in ear) thermometer is a good modern device, and measures the temperature in the outer ear. It is more expensive than a mercury clinical thermometer, but is simpler to prepare between patients, and completely avoids the problems of broken glass thermometers, and spilt mercury. Mercury clinical thermometers are however quite cheap.

What are the demographics of thermometer use?

All health care professionals use thermometers. All health care facilities have thermometers. Most homes also have thermometers.

How are mercury thermometers used today?

Mercury thermometers are rarely used, except in lab thermometers. For human use, they have been replaced by dyed alcohol glass thermometers, or electronic digital thermometers.

Different types of thermometers?

Celsius and Fahrenheit Thermometers Clinical Thermometers Ear (Tympanic) thermometers Pacifier Thermometers Underarm or Oral Thermometers Food Thermometers Outdoor Thermometers Mechanism of Different Types of Thermometers Mercury and Alcohol Thermometers Digital Thermometers Alcohol thermometer Beckmann differential thermometer Bi-metal mechanical thermometer Electrical resistance thermometer Galileo thermometer Infrared thermometer Liquid Crystal Thermometer Medical thermometer (e.g. oral thermometer, rectal thermometer, basal thermometer) Mercury-in-glass thermometer

When do you use a thermometers?

When you need them.

How does aural thermometer measure temperature?

Digital ear thermometers measure the infrared radiation coming from an eardrum.

How does an aural temperature measure temperature?

Digital ear thermometers measure the infrared radiation coming from an eardrum.

Who uses ear thermometers?

Quite a few people actually, doctors and mothers being the major groups.