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Glucose can be more quickly metabolized, as sucrose is composed of glucose and fructose and must be broken down into simple sugars first.

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Q: Why do athletes drink solutions of glucose rather then solutions of sucrose?
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Why dextrose rather than normal saline?

Dextrose is often preferred over normal saline for IV fluid resuscitation due to its ability to provide both hydration and a source of energy in the form of glucose. Dextrose can help prevent hypoglycemia in patients at risk, such as those with high metabolic demands or receiving insulin therapy. Additionally, dextrose can be useful in correcting electrolyte imbalances and promoting cellular uptake of sodium via the sodium-glucose co-transport system.

What is sucrose's electronegativity?

The electronegativity of sucrose is not determined by the sucrose molecule itself, but rather by the individual atoms that make up sucrose. Sucrose is composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms, each with their own electronegativity values. The overall electronegativity of sucrose is a weighted average of the electronegativities of these individual atoms.

Are athletes more worried about appearance rather than playing?

No most athletes are more worried about playing than the way they look

Is Mountain Dew made with real sugar?

Yes, no (or, rather, "only partially"), and maybe.Pepsi has recently (Dec 2009) released something called "Mountain Dew Throwback" which is made with sucrose only rather than "high fructose corn sweetener." Sucrose is what most people mean when they say "real sugar."Regular Mountain Dew is made at least partially with high fructose corn sweetener, which is a mixture of fructose and glucose.However, fructose and glucose are both "sugars" in a chemistry sense, so even that is technically made with sugar... just not table sugar (cane sugar/beet sugar), which is sucrose.

What is the specific heat of liquid sucrose?

Don't know about liquid sucrose.... but the specific heat capacity of sucrose is 0.30. This means that 0.30 calories of heat are required to raise the temperature of one gram of sucrose by one degree celsius.You sure you don't mean a sucrose solution... rather than liquid sucrose? Seems unlikely to have pure liquid sucrose, and very likely to have a water-based sucrose syrup solution. If that's the case, then it depends a great deal on the concentration of the solution itself.According to the pdf (link to the left of this answer), the specific heat of sucrose solutions is:40% sucrose sugar syrup: 0.6660% sucrose sugar syrup: 0.74However, note that it's in very strange units: Btu/lb . °F

Is total sugars a compound or element?

Total sugars refer to a group of compounds that include monosaccharides (such as glucose and fructose) and disaccharides (such as sucrose). They are not elements, but rather organic compounds composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

Is litmus neutral?

Litmus is not neutral, but rather an indicator that changes color in the presence of acidic or basic solutions. It turns red in acidic solutions and blue in basic solutions.

Why you consume starch rather than glucose?

Starch is made up by glucose.We consume plant products.Plant store glucose as starch.

Why is it necessary for glucose to be pumped into the cell rather than diffusing in?

Glucose cannot pass through a phospholipid bilayer by simple diffusion.

Glucose is NOT made from?

Glucose is not made from fats, but rather from carbohydrates, specifically through the process of photosynthesis in plants or glycogenolysis in animals.

If you cut a sugar cube into smaller and smaller parts and you separate out one molecule what would you have?

If you were to cut a sugar cube into smaller and smaller parts until you separated out one molecule, you would have a single molecule of sucrose, which is the compound that makes up a sugar cube. This molecule is made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms bonded together in a specific arrangement.

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