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Why do badgers come out at night?


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Badgers come out at night to avoid predators

Badgers are rarely seen during the day, and forage for food mainly at night.


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Yes, badgers do like honey. If you find a set you should smother the grass outside with honey and sit quietly at night. The badgers will then come out but if you make a noise they will retreat.

Badgers are nocturnal so they eat at night. They scavenge in the day and hunt at night

Badgers are nocturnal so they eat at night.

Badgers forage for food mainly at night

Badgers are mainly active at night, and tend to be inactive during the winter months. at night.

because they can sleep at night

Bears do not usually attack and eat badgers. Badgers are nocturnal and bears do not usually hunt during night time hours.

They are nocturnal mammals. This means that they usually come out at night. Probably between 11:00pm and 2:00am

Most adult badgers love eating earthworms and eat several hundred of them every night

badgers r nocturnal so they will sleep all day (about 12 hours) and hunt at night

night day and mornig:3

they only come out in daytime if they have been injured

There are Eurasian badgers, hog badgers, American badgers, ferret badgers, honey badgers, and stink badgers. I'm guessing that your question was, "What kinds of badgers are there?"

Scientist have come up with culling (killing) them.

The collective noun for badgers are:A colony of badgers.A cete of badgers.

The collective for badgers is called a colony of badgers.

Yes they can , they have sort of like night vision so they can see in the dark and catch there dinner same as like badgers

badgers do have tails.

No, badgers are carnivorous.

Are honey badgers marsupial

yes, badgers are mammals

Tortimer Does not come out at night.

badgers are furry and they normally come in black and white stripy patterns

Honey Badgers Reproduce in mid-spring. The babies come out in winter.

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