Ferrets Weasels and Badgers

These mammals are flesh-eaters of the family Mustelidae. Usually named as weasel family, these are typically small-sized animals with short legs, thick furs and round ears. Mustelids are mostly nocturnal, solitary and are active throughout a year.

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Ferrets Weasels and Badgers
Care of Ferrets

How much does a ferret cost?

Cost of a ferret can vary from place to place, depending on where you live. For stores and breeders usually in the $75-$250 range, typically around $100. Plan on $150-$400 for a cage and supplies, plus around $75 for the first vaccinations.

When purchasing a pet ferret, it's not the cost of obtaining one, there is more to it than the animal itself. The financial responsibility can be costly to ensure the health of a ferret. Ferrets need to be provided with a good quality ferret food, necessary vaccinations, and annual veterinarian visits for well care. You need to commit to being a responsible ferret owner by providing a loving, safe environment and provide necessary proper care. Are you aware of what is necessary to keep a ferret happy and healthy? Do you have a sufficient large cage suitable for ferrets? What about vaccinations? When you buy a ferret, they have had only one distemper vaccination and will need 3 more distemper vaccinations that are required at 9, 12, and 16 weeks of age. Rabies Vaccinations are required between 13 - 16 weeks from an exotic animal veterinarian. Do you have the money for four separate veterinarian visits?

Recommended supplies

Large, multi-tiered cage - habitat should also include a hammock, tube, litter box, and toys, high quality ferret food, water bottle, book about ferrets, bedding, soft brush, collar harness and leash, litter box/litter, ferret shampoo, nail clippers/kwik stop, ear-cleaning solution, hairball preventative.

The initial cost of supplies can total upwards of $500. You will need to plan to buy supplies on a monthly basis throughout the rest of the ferret's life. You can expect to spend up to $200 on food a year, $200 on litter, $70 to $80 on treats and toys, and more money on other supplies. Veterinary costs vary widely, but you can expect to spend anywhere from around $100 for necessary vaccinations, if there are no health issues. Even when your ferret is healthy, veterinary care can cost you $250 to $500 a year. Ferrets are prone to illness and disease if not properly taken care of and also most ferrets are from Marshall Farms (pet stores) are also prone to illness from improper breeding (inbreeding and genetics) and early neutering, therefore it is suggested to set aside an "emergency fund" of about $800 for veterinarian care. Ferrets can come down with an illness or disease, even within the first year. Anytime a ferret has an illness or disease it is not usually recognized in early stages, because they tend to hide their pain and illness. Usually by the time any illness is noticed, they can easily die within a few days if they don't receive immediate or emergency medical care. If you ferret starts acting different from their usual behavoir, suspect illness. Contact a veterinarian as illness in ferrets can progress rapidly with a possibility of death in a matter of days. Ferrets are not like cats and dogs that you can "wait and see illness" if they will be okay.

Many ferrets have died or have been relinquished to shelters, because the owner was unable to provide necessary medical care.

Please consider adopting a ferret before buying, there are way too many in shelters that need to have a forever home. Costs to adopt a ferret - It depends on the area you live in. You can go to petfinder.com and locate shelters for ferrets in your area. In my area, the local ferret shelter wants $100 for ferrets age one year and under. Older ferrets are $65.00 and $45.00. All ferrets that are adopted out are microchipped, Up to date shots, and declared healthy by a veterinarian unless otherwise stated

First, you must be sure that ferrets are legal where you live. Please note that ferrets are still illegal to own in California. They can be confiscated as wild animals. For more information you may want to contact a group in California called "Ferrets Anonymous".

Advice from other contributors:

  • Re-homing may be free. They are not always free as people may charge a fee to make sure that they go to a good home. From a private breeder: Maybe $125 to $400 depending on the color or if the ferret is from championship bloodlines. Add on additional prices for extra procedures (neuter/spay; first vet wellness visit; shots and boosters). About $100 to $500 pending on the veterinarian's prices.
  • The price of ferrets vary depending from where you obtain one either from an individual, adopt from a shelter, or buy from a pet store. You can check Craigslists.org under pets in your city, Petfinder.com for adoptable pets, or phone directory under Pet Stores.
  • At pet stores, ferrets can cost $125 and more. I would recommend looking up ferret shelters where the adoption fees might (would) be lower. In addition to obtaining the ferret, you need to consider: a LARGE cage, water bottle, food dishes, toys, sleeping hammock, litter/litter box, and food. Also, they love to play with other ferrets.
  • Having ferrets myself, I know that the cost of a ferret can differ depending on which country you are in. I live in England and each of my ferrets cost £5 each. In America, ferrets can range from $75-$250 but are generally about $100.
  • I got my one of my ferrets at Petco. At Petco they cost about $129.95
  • I bought my ferret for $139.00 locally. It included his first shots. He was descented (supposedly) and fixed. He also had a identifying tattoo on his ear. All others are correct. Remember the other costs involved and remember that ferrets are EXTREMELY smart and curious animals. Its like having a 2 year old 24/7. I know that is more information than needed, but when you love ferrets you just can't stop talking about them. Good luck!
  • Ferrets in a pet store should already be descented . Most pets stores will not provide any shots and the animal it's self will cost you at least $150. It's cage plus food, litter and all the needed items will cost around $400 depending on the cage you get. Vaccinations about $150. If you go to your local shelter the adoption fee will be less and they usually come with vaccinations, health care and sometimes a microchip (some even have used cages for sale too)
  • Depends on where you live... Where I live, they are about 150-200 dollars..
  • The price of a ferret varies depending on where you are, how old they are, and whether they are vaccinated/neutered. In the UK young kits can cost anywhere between £5 and £50, though usually no more than £20. I have found that ferrets in the UK are usually cheaper than elsewhere, such as in America or Australia, where you may have to pay over $100 to adopt, or perhaps more for a young kit straight from a breeder. If money is an issue, look into ferret adoptions in your area and see what they charge (most SPCA's have ferrets if they are legal).
  • in the UK the average price for a ferret is around £10! not exactly breaking the bank! but this can fluctuate due to the demand etc

It varies quite a lot depending on what country you live in and whether you buy from a pet store or a private breeder. A ferret from a pet store will usually cost between $100 - $150 (US Dollars), where as they can cost up to $250. Whilst buying from a breeder is more expensive it does have some advantages such as being able to see the parents of the ferret you are getting and seeing what conditions the kit was kept in.

The cheapest way to get a pet ferret is to rescue one from a local animal rescue center. Some look for a donation as small as $50 - $60. To find out, contact you local center and see if they have any. Check their adoption policies and costs. The ferrets are usually a bit older but older ferrets make great first time ferrets as they are slightly calmer than kits. Make sure to ask where the ferret was found, was it abused and has it any issues. A traumatized ferret can be helped and turned into an amazing pet providing the owner is patient and knows what to do. A traumatized ferret is not a good first time ferret as they may be harder to handle and may bite depending on the level of their trauma.
Ferrets cost about $150 in pet stores in the U.S., you can adopt a ferret from a shelter or a previous owner for $75 or even for free.

But ferrets are expensive to keep. Good food, health check-ups, toys and etc. will cost at least $1500 a year.

Ferrets Weasels and Badgers
Who Would Win

Who would win fight badger vs hawk?

In a tree... probably the hawk; down a hole... probably the badger.

Ferrets Weasels and Badgers

Are weasels found in Michigan?

Seldom and only then after the seeker has closed his eyes and counted to 20

Ferrets Weasels and Badgers

Is it legal to have a mink for a pet in Ohio?

To find out for sure call your local animal control office, if they do not know they can tell you who can tell you.

Ferrets Weasels and Badgers

What is a pack of badgers called?

A group of badgers is called a clan or cete

Read more: What_is_a_group_of_badgers_called

Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species
Ferrets Weasels and Badgers

Why are honey badgers endangered?

They are not an endangered species.

Honey badgers are a species not seen that often. They live at relatively low densities. However due to their size and the fact that they are not picky about what they eat, they are a mammal species that can live quite happily outside protected areas.

However, due to the fact that they are on the whole a solitary species they do not live in high densities. This does mean that they can be prone to local extinction in certain areas.

Ferrets Weasels and Badgers

How many teeth does an American badger have?

about 22..... maybe more

Ferrets Weasels and Badgers

Is a river otter part of the weasel family?

Yes, river otters are part of the mustelidae family, along with ferrets, weasels, other otters, and mink.

Ferrets Weasels and Badgers

Do fisher cats mew or what?

The fisher is a North American marten - vocalizations are huffs, chuckles, and screams.

Ferrets Weasels and Badgers

Can ferrets eat blueberries?

Ferrets cannot eat blueberries or any vegetables, fruits, grains, or plant matter as they are carnivores (meat eaters).

Ferrets Weasels and Badgers

What is a young badger called?

either kit or cub

Chipmunks and Squirrels
Ferrets Weasels and Badgers
Care of Ferrets

Do ferrets survive harsh winter?

Domestic ferrets cannot survive outside in the extreme cold. Wild ferrets adapt to their climates.

Ferrets Weasels and Badgers
Care of Ferrets

Do ferrets like to ride in cars?

Some ferrets love it and some hate it. Unfortunately some ferrets will get an upset stomach if they go on a long journey so make sure you take small breaks and allow the ferret to rest. A ferret should be restrained in a pet carrier for car travel.

Ferrets Weasels and Badgers

How many mink fur farms are in the Netherlands?

In June 2010 a new law was passed in the Netherlands that will ban farming mink for their fur. The nearly 170 mink farms in the country will have to cease their operations by 2024. Fur farming was already banned for other animals, such as foxes and chinchillas. (Source - Wikipedia)

Ferrets Weasels and Badgers
Care of Ferrets

What happens if you feed a ferret pork?

As long as the pork is cooked, it would be okay for ferrets, avoid highly processed meats like sausage

Ferrets Weasels and Badgers

What do you do if badger attacks you?

Watch as your short and miserable life passes before your eyes, because you won't survive a badger attack. If between screams you're able to kick fate in the balls, know that your remaining days will be spent in a psych ward hospital bed, reliving the attack for every waking moment until you eventually succumb to tuberculosis and/or some sort of raging badger syphilis.

Ferrets Weasels and Badgers

Is the honey badger real?

Oh yes, the honey badger is a real animal.

Ferrets Weasels and Badgers
Care of Ferrets

How do you know if your ferret has a fever and what are the symptoms?

Ferrets normal temperature is 103 F (range 101 - 103). A ferret's temperature is done rectally. Refer to link below for procedures.

advice from another contributor:

If your worried about your ferrets health, take it to a vet as these small animals can die very quickly.

Ferrets Weasels and Badgers

Would you be likely to see a weasel in the Large Mammal section of a zoo?

No. Weasels are small mammals, with males weighing around than a quarter of a pound and females weighing considerably less.

Ferrets Weasels and Badgers
Who Would Win

Who would win a fight between a cheetah or badger?

A cheetah could rip a badger to shreds, but maybe not eat it. Even if the badger starts winning, the cheetah could run away.

Ferrets Weasels and Badgers

Is the weasel family part of the rodent family?

No. Weasels are members of the order Carnivora. Rodents have their own order of Rodentia. Therefore, their families are also different. weasels are members of the family Mustelidae, and rodents have a number of different families within their order.

Ferrets Weasels and Badgers

Why is the American badger threatened in Ontario?

The American Badger is an endangered species particularly in Ontario because the prairie type land that these animals are accustomed to living on are being used more and more for farming, leaving them less suitable habitat. Some studies suggest they are learning to adapt to using the sandy soil of the outskirts of fields to make their dens however.

The American badger is endangered in Ontario area, but as a species, it is listed as "Least Concern" by the IUCN.

Ferrets Weasels and Badgers

Are badgers endangered?

Yes. Most species of badgers are threatened or endangered. In many species we do not have enough data to prove that they are present in large numbers.

Ferrets Weasels and Badgers
Care of Ferrets

Are ferrets spineless?

Ferrets have a vertebrae, they are not spineless

Ferrets Weasels and Badgers

Does a Badger rattle?



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