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If you are asking about the handling of them, then it is because they can still injure you and it always good practice to handle any gun with safety in mind. It's just good common sense.

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Q: Why do bb and air soft guns get treated with the same respect as a firearm?
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Explain why BB and Pellet guns must always be treated with the same respect as firearms?

Because they fire a projectile.

Why BB and pellet air guns must always be treated with the same respect as firearms?

Because they both propel projectiles at velocities that can cause injury.

Is it legal for someone to take guns from a house of a deceased person if the guns are not registered and there is no proof who the guns actually belong to?

No - that is theft, all the same. Theft of a firearm is a felony.

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Do air guns shoot bullets?

No they shoot BB's or Pellets. The Pellets can be just as deadly as a bullet. Air Guns should be handled the same as any firearm. They can cause death.

Why must bb and pellet air guns always be treated the same respect as firearms?

Many modern 'BB' or Pellet guns will shoot a projectile at close to standard firearm speeds. You can buy a combo BB/pellet gun at big family stores for under fifty dollars that have a velocity of eight hundred feet per second. A lower velocity pistol is often only 60-100 feet per second faster. While the projectile in the BB/pellet guns is very small and light, it could easily pierce skin or eyes. So it can be very dangerous if mishandled. But so can many other things, so the importance of BB/pellet guns is to use them to teach safe handling of a firearm to prevent accidents.

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