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The beardies change color due to stress, mating behaviour, and/or shedding stages. They do NOT change color for camouflage like a chameleon- if the beardie changes color and seems to be ill, take it to the vet ASAP.

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What are the colors of bearded dragons?

Most bearded dragons are a sandy color ranging from a kind of creamy color to light tan. Also they can change color depending on how hot or cold they are.

What colors do the bearded dragons change too when happy?

They don't change color but when they are relaxed their color will lighten. When angry or scared they will almost go black

What is the collective noun for a group of bearded dragons?

There is no standard collective noun for bearded dragons.Because bearded dragons do like to sun themselves:the collective noun for lizards will work: a lounge of bearded dragons; a lounge of bearded dragonsthe collective noun for crocodiles will work: a bask of bearded dragons; a bask of bearded dragons

When do bearded dragons start developing there colors?

Usually, they are developed at about 2 months, and will change depending on the warmth, they will get paler when warm, and darker when cold.

Are bearded dragons deaf?

No bearded dragons have great hearing

Are bearded dragons exstinked?

No - Bearded dragons are not extinct !

What colors can you get bearded dragons in?

Numerous colours, they change according to heat, but the most popular are orange, yellow and red, and blacky grey. I have a yellow and red.

What colour are bearded dragons?

They Range from Brown, to yellow, to orange. And all colors in between.

Are bearded dragons nocturnal?

Bearded dragons are not nocturnal they are diurnal.

Do bearded dragons pee?

Yes, bearded dragons do urinate.

Do bearded dragons have vertebrae?

Yes, bearded dragons have vertebrae

do bearded dragons and water dragons get along?

Noooo! you can not keep any other lizards with bearded dragons, bearded dragons need to be kept alone

Do bearded dragons mate?

There is NO such thing as dragons. there is they are a type of lizard that lives in australia DUDE! They are not talking about mythical dragons, they are talking about BEARDED dragons!!

What colors do bearded dragons turn?

bearded dragons come in many colours red yellow pale yellow gray my beardie is yellow and gray i find that the most common hope this helped

Can bearded dragons swim in salt water?

Yes, in fact. Some people say it makes their bearded dragons colors pop more. Just make sure it doesn't get in his eyes or ears!!

Are bearded dragons nice?

Bearded dragons are nice, but if you are mean to them they will be mean to you.

Are bearded dragons venomous?

No - Bearded dragons are a non-venomous species.

Can bearded dragons be friends with turtles?

can bearded dragons be freinds with a tutles

Where bearded dragons?

Bearded Dragons live in the warm parts of Australia

Has bearded dragons got gills?

No, bearded dragons are air breathers.

When bearded dragons change colour what does it mean?

When they darken it means they are chilled.

How can you get your bearded dragons color to stand out?

Their color will change to resemble their surroundings.

Do bearded dragons mimic crickets?

its not possible for bearded dragons to mimic crickets

Can bearded dragons have wood chip?

no bearded dragons cannot have wood chip

Do male bearded dragons have a signal to attract female bearded dragons?