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Bearded dragons need the sun alot because they are reptiles.Reptiles are cold blooded and cold blooded reptiles dont produce their own body heat unlike us, humans(humans are warm blooded so we dont need to stand in the sun all day like reptiles).So all reptiles including the Bearded dragon get their warmth from the sun.

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Q: Why do bearded dragons need the sun a lot?
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What is the plural of dragon?

There is no standard collective noun for bearded dragons.Because bearded dragons do like to sun themselves:the collective noun for lizards will work: a lounge of bearded dragons; a lounge of bearded dragonsthe collective noun for crocodiles will work: a bask of bearded dragons; a bask of bearded dragons

Do bearded dragons like shade?

Sometimes,but they usually get the fire from the sun.

Why do you use UV light?

so the reptile gets the suns vitamins. It is the closest light to the sun. Some reptiles dont need it though. FOr example: Leopard geckos don't need it... Bearded Dragons won't grow right without it..

What is a bearded dragon's habitat?

The Bearded Dragon's live in most parts of Australia, they live near rocks and need the sun to survive.

What do moon and sun dragons breed?

You can't breed a Sun Dragon with a Moon Dragon because they are not compatible.

What do bearded lizards do during the day?

they try to soak up as much heat from the sun(or lamp) for enegery. Pet dragons usually sleep, or go explore in the cage. mostly eating and sleeping. wild dragons go on food hunts looking for small rodents and insects.

What do komodo dragons do for a living?

komodo dragons for a living like to bask in the sun bask means to lay out in the sun for a while

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