Why do birds have wings?

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Interesting theory......I would say that birds have wings mainly as an aid to almost evrything they do. Carnivorous birds need their wings to swoop down on smaller birds. All birds( that have wings and are capable of flying) use their wings to evade predators and humans. They use them to hunt, to migrate, to collect materials for their nests....many things would not be available to brids if they did not have wings, and most of those things neccesary, hence the answer. They just need them.

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Why don't all birds have wings?

All birds do have wings. For birds like Penguins, the wings have turned into flippers.

Why do emus have wings?

Because they are birds. All birds have wings.

How are the wings insects different that of birds wings?

Insects wings are not supported by bones as it does happen in birds.

Do takahe have wings?

Yes. Takahe are birds, and all birds have wings. Even flightless birds have wings, though they are of little or no use.

Do birds have lungs in their wings?

No, birds have lungs in their chest cavity not their wings.

With how many wings do birds fly?

Two, all birds have two wings.

Are birds the only animals that have wings?

No, insects and bats have wings and neither of them are birds.

Do birds have four wings?

Birds wings are just like humans arms. And you don't see humans having 4 arms. Birds have two wings.

What bird has no wings or legs?

All birds have wings: even flightless birds have wings, though they may be useless for flight. All birds also have legs.

How are airplanes wings like birds wings?


What has wings?

all birds have wingsa bird

Do pigeon have wings?

Pigeons are birds and have wings.

Do flightless birds have wings?

Yes. All birds have wings, including the flightless ones.

Are chicken wings just baby chickens?

No. Chickens are birds and like all birds they have wings. The wings are the actual chicken's wings, not baby chickens.

Is birds wings a pronoun?

No, both 'birds' and 'wings' are nouns, the plural form of the nouns 'bird' and 'wing'.A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in a sentence. The pronouns that take the place of the nouns 'birds' or 'wings' are they as a subject, and them as an object in a sentence.If you are trying to say 'the wings of the bird', then the noun 'bird' must be in the possessive form to show that the wings belong to the bird: the bird's wings.Or, if you mean 'the wings of the birds', you need the plural possessive form for the plural noun birds: the birds' wings.

Why does a birds have wings?

so that birds can fly

What are 5 facts about birds?

The have wings, they can fly, they have wings, they have beaks, and they have wings.

Can you clone a bird without wings and the clone have wings?

if you use the birds DNA, then yes, as the birds DNA doesn't say *no wings*

What is the possessive form of the wings of the birds?

The possessive form is the birds' wings.

What are two characteristics that penguins share with all birds?

they share birds have wings andpenguins have wings

When was Two Birds with the Wings of One created?

Two Birds with the Wings of One was created in 2006.

Why are birds wings important to birds?

because without wings, the birds would not be-able to fly and it would be easier for things to kill them.

A bird which don't have wings?

all birds have wings

Are the wings of bees homologous with the wings of birds?

your gay

Why do birds have waterproof wings?

because if birds fell in water, their wings would be too heavy to fly.