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The planes dissappear because of strong electrical forces that cause the planes to fall down and sink into the ocean. The boats dissappear because the strong electrical forces will bring them down to the bottom of the ocean.

BUT this is just one of the many theories out there. No one has actually done some scientific studying, it seems there is more speculation and wise-talk than actually research and field studies.

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What is the so called Bermuda Triangle?

The Bermuda triangle is a strange place south of the Caribbean sea where many planes and boats have gone missing.

How does the Bermuda triangle work?

it is a triangle and it swallows people planes ships and boats

How many boats and planes have ever disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle?

Planes: about 9 Boats (offically): 7 (unoffically) 4 more And two people went missing from the Great Isaac Lighthouse in 1969 as well...

Are mostly planes lost in the Bermuda triangle?

no not just planes most of them are ships,planes,boats and many other things

What is the Bermuda triangle made out of?

The Bermuda triangle isn't made out of anything. It is a geographical area in the Atlantic Ocean where boats and planes have mysteriously disappeared.

Who dissapeared in the Bermuda triangle?

the boats that dissapeared in the Bermuda triangle i do not know but there were a couple of boats and ships

What are some nicknames of the Bermuda Triangle?

It's commonly known as "The Devil's Triangle," for the many mysteries of missing boats and planes in that particular region of water. Also, some call it "The Cursed Triangle," for the very same reason I gave for "The Devil's Triangle."

Why is the Bermuda triangle called the devils triangle?

people used to think when boats and ships went missing it was the work of the devil

Should you be nervous to travel a boat across the Bermuda Triangle?

No, now a days boats (and planes) have advanced compass, GPS, whatever(s) and don't get lost in the Bermuda Triangle.

How do planes go missing in the bermuda triangle?

There are huge areas of frozen methane gas on the seafloor in the Triangle. When the solids heat and become gaseous this results in a change in the density and composition of the air above. Objects such as boats and planes lose their buoyancy and sink due to the change in the atmopshere.

Have boats vanished in the Bermuda Triangle?


What exactly is the Bermuda triangle?

The Bermuda Triangle is an area of ocean where many planes, ships, and boats have gone missing without a trace. Often times, crafts will venture in there and are sometimes never again heard from. Bermuda, Miami, Florida, and San Juan, Puerto Rico form the points of the Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle is an area of the Atlantic Ocean - shaped like a triangle - with points in Bermuda, Florida, and Puerto Rico. A lot of planes and watercraft have supposedly disappeared in this area, where supernatural forces are blamed for the disappearance of ships, boats and planes, including Flight 19. People are to scared to see inside it cause its to mysterious that they might get lost in it. It is an area where many inexperience sailors and pilots have been lost. It has been hyped by the sensationalising press because it sells publications to gullible people who are willing to believe any outrageous story that is yet to be fully explained.

What do scientists say about the Bermuda triangle?

They say there is no such thing. Boats and planes can disappear anywhere in the seas and oceans. They disappear in the sea near Bermuda with about the same frequency that they disappear anywhere else.

Is Bermuda triangle a island?

No. It is the water/ area between 3 islands that make a triangle shape. And supposidly planes and boats that fly through there tend to disappear, and nobody knows why.

Has anything disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle?

Only planes, boats and people. That's the whole point, if nothing disappeared nobody would have ever heard of it.

Why is the Bermuda triangle dangerous?

The Bermuda Triangle is dangerous because lots of ships and aircrafts disappear in there.

Has any person lived through the Bermuda triangle?

Of course! Ships, boats and submarines sail and planes fly over that area every single day!

Can you solve the mystery of Bermuda triangle?

Well no I can't. Nobody can. There are a lot of theories as to why ships and boats and planes disappear. So this mystery is always going to be a mystery.

Why do ships and planes go down in the Bermuda Triangle?

The area known as the Bermuda Triangle is an area that has the fast Gulf Stream current and at times it has areas that are calm with no breezes. This can cause boats to be carried off course or sail boats to be stranded. It also seems to have some magnetic anomaly that does effect the compasses of boats and aircraft. This could explain why aircraft get off course and get lost.

Which planes and ships or boats disappeared in Bermuda?

In the related links below, I posted the information.

How do you escape the Bermuda triangle?

There is no answer to that question because the Bermuda triangle is a mysterious triangle that make people, boats, aircraft and ect mysteriously disappear and after years and years we have not seen them any more.

Deep sea trenches where are they found?

deep sea trench's are found through the Bermuda triangle.... "i think the Bermuda triangle is a military secret" "with all the planes, ships, and small boats gone and going missing" <-- no Deep sea trenches are found on convergent zones when one tectonic plate (more dense) gets pushed below another tectonic plate (less dense). This process is called subduction

Is there some kind of aliens living in the Bermuda triangle?

No There's what I call a EMD a Electro Magnetic Distion which brings planes and boats down Prof of All Science George Cameron

Is the burmuta triangle fake?

No,the Bermuda triangle is real.Lots of airplanes,boats,and submarines have been sucked down in the ocean.

Has one boat cross the Bermuda triangle?

Many, many thousands of boats have crossed the Bermuda Triangle. There is nothing any more dangerous there than anywhere else in the oceans.

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