Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is a region in the Atlantic Ocean where a number of aircraft and watercraft are believed to have mysteriously disappeared. It is also referred to as the “Devil’s Triangle.”

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Bermuda Triangle

What islands are near Bermuda?

Big pine key, key west, horseshoe island

Bermuda Triangle

Who made up the Bermuda Triangle myth?

I think you are all afraid of the truth. But even selected programs like Nova, have only come with artificial explanations as to what really happened out there.

I would like to hear what the families of the pilots in the famous lost patrol, aka Flight 19, have to say about all of this. I remember reading about one pilot's parent, who received a cable from his son, a few days after the actual disappearance, telling him not to worry and that he would have explained everything to him later.....

Bermuda Triangle

When did flight 19 disappear in the Bermuda Triangle?

December 5th, 1945.

North Carolina
South Carolina
Bermuda Triangle

Is Bermuda north or south of North Carolina?

Bermuda is south

of North Carolina

Bermuda Triangle

Is there gravitational force in Bermuda triangle?

The planet Earth exerts a gravitational force in the Bermuda triangle which is (almost exactly) the same as in any other region of the Earth. Gravity works the same way in the Caribbean as it does anywhere else. Gravity, as Isaac Newton observed, is universal.

Bermuda Triangle

What is the Islamic point of view about Bermuda Triangle?

Bermuda Triangle has nothing to do with any religion, Islamic or Christian or Jewish or any other religion. You may refer to Geography or History or legends etc. but not religion.

The Bermuda Triangle has everything to do with selling books, magazines, and movie tickets. The Bermuda Triangle was devised by authors, not scientists and every decade has a new crop of people who will buy the stories (at least for a while).

Bermuda Triangle

Do planes fly around the Bermuda triangle?

Fly around yes, but not so close to it.

Bermuda Triangle

What is the Bermuda triangle made out of?

The Bermuda triangle isn't made out of anything. It is a geographical area in the Atlantic Ocean where boats and planes have mysteriously disappeared.

Bermuda Triangle

What climate does the Bermuda Triangle have?

Fly over it and see for yourself.

Bermuda Triangle

How does the Bermuda triangle work?

it is a triangle and it swallows people planes ships and boats

Bermuda Triangle

What are some strange things that happen in the Bermuda triangle?

I know the answer to that question... I live IN the Bermuda Triangle, it is not as crazy as expected. Ships and planes have disappeared in the past but nowadays the only thing you have to worry about are the monkeys flinging feces at you.

Bermuda Triangle

What has disappeared in the Bermuda triangle?

Ships and aircrafts

Bermuda Triangle

What is the mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle?


Actually, many people say (without providing any proof) that at Bermuda triangle, the magnetic field induction is so high that it attracts the ships and planes that go there and many people even say that its a door to outer space it still a big mystery mate.


Some say (without providing any proof) there's this layer of earth that is so thin it's almost missing, because of which the gravitational force of the earth out there is pretty strong.


Actually, many people say (without providing any proof) that at Bermuda triangle the magnetic field induction is so high that it attracts the ships and planes that go there and many people even say (without providing any proof) that its a door to outer space. It still a big mystery mate.


Well didn't the legend also say (without providing any proof) that the magnetic pull is so strong that nails get pulled out of any ship that goes near and the ship falls apart?


People and many scientists say (without providing any proof) that the Philadelphia experiment done by the US army is responsible for this. Also Hindu Puranas and religious leaders say that some kind of supernatural force is present in that area.


It is not believed that it is true.

The US Board of Geographic Names does not recognize the Bermuda Triangle as an official name.

The US Navy does not believe the Bermuda Triangle exists.

It is reported that Lloyd's of London, the world's leading market for specialist insurance, does not charge higher premiums for vessels transiting this heavily traveled area.


The reason for the disappearance of the airplanes and ships in the Bermuda triangle is though mysterious yet there is a scientific fact behind this case. We know that Earth has a core that is made up of molten iron and nickel, and the Earth rotates so does the core. We know that, when the charged particles are in motion, electric or magnetic field is created. Some say, (without providing any proof) as the molten iron and nickel and other particles are in motion due to the rotation of core, strong magnetic field is created. This field is high at a portion when the ships and airplanes are at a perpendicular angle to it. So due to dis attractive force the disappearance of the ships etc takes place very rapidly. Maybe this is the scientific reason behind the mystery.

This is extremely doubtful; small children play with magnets strong enough to overwhelm the Earth's magnetic force.


Where there are a lot of planes and ships traveling, especially in places known for bad weather, you can expect more losses than in places with less travel and better weather. Read Kusche's "The Bermuda Triangle Mystery- Solved", if you really want to know what is going on. A lot of the losses never happened, or are known not to have been lost in the Triangle, or at least are not known to have been in the Triangle when they vanished.

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It is not surely can be said that Bermuda triangle has some magnetic things inside. But most of the unbelieving people have said that there is a power of evil ghost behind it. But It's not true enough.


The mystery behind the Bermuda triangle is gullibility and a failure to think for oneself. The real mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is why so many people believe in it.

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Bermuda Triangle
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Where can you get a Bermuda carriage bell?

Go to eBay and do some searches. Such as "Bermuda Bell", "Carriage Bell", Streecar Bell", or "Cable Car Bell". They do show up but not a lot. The older ones are of the manual plunger type.There are also 6/12 volt models. They range from mint/in the box to used/in need of TLC. The prices average +/- $100.00, depending on condition. I have one on my golf cart and have had a lot of fun with it.

Bermuda Triangle

What are some other names for the Bermuda triangle?

It is referred to as the "Devil's Triangle" but an author may have been trying to catch the attention of a wider market.

Bermuda Triangle

When did the Bermuda Triangle first start?

The first record that suggested that there was something unusual about disappearances in the area of Bermuda was an Associated Press article by Edward Van Winkle Jones in 1950.

The first use of the term was in a 1964 article with a similar theme that was published in 'Argosy' by Vincent Gaddis called 'The Deadly Bermuda Triangle'.

Then in 1974, two books were published, 'The Bermuda Triangle' by Charles Berlits and 'The Devil's Triangle' by Richard Winer. These books turned out to be very popular and the idea caught on, making this an excellent subject to sell books and magazines. These two books were the source for the popular terms.

Bermuda Triangle

Does Bermuda triangle change formation?

No, its always been that way as long as it has been discovered.

Bermuda Triangle

How many people disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle?

It is claimed that more than 1,000 people have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle, this has not been proven.

Though myth and scare mongering has to be taken into account making it about 750 people who have actually become lost in the Bermuda triangle

Bermuda Triangle

Why is the Bermuda Triangle so dangerous?

This area is thought to be cursed but the truth:

The area of the Bermuda triangle is very busy and very stormy causing most of the shipping and aircraft losses.

The weird ones I don't know


It is not any more than any more dangerous than a comparable stretch of ocean.


Almost any area with heavy ship traffic has its fair share of disasters. The Great Lakes, for instance, are arranged in a roughly triangular shape and haev even more historic sinkings. What is lacking is the hype. Every mystery disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle has been explained but as the explanations involve ratioal events they have been ignored by popular culture.

Bermuda Triangle

Who gave the Bermuda Triangle its name?

Noted and now deceased Fishing commentator Vincent (Gadabout) Gaddis is credited with popularizing the phrase- Bermuda Triangle. Mr. Gaddis was a very popular angling author and ran both radio and TV shows on fishing- one called the Flying Fisherman. He was known to Fish out of the front hatch of a Republic Seabee amphibious plane- and was photographed doing this. Writing as Vincent Gaddis- he did a book on the subject of the Triangle which popularized the name- I don't know if he ever fished in the area!

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Bermuda Triangle
Spanish Armada

If the Spanish colonized Bermuda what will happen?


The Island was discovered by the Spanish! It was setteled by the English, but the island population today come from a vast mixture of cultures.

Bermuda Triangle

How long has the Bermuda triangle been around?

The first known use of the term "Bermuda Triangle" or "Devil's Triangle" was in a magazine article in a 1964 article that was published in 'Argosy' by Vincent Gaddis called 'The Deadly Bermuda Triangle'. Then in 1974, two books were published, 'The Bermuda Triangle' by Charles Berlits and 'The Devil's Triangle' by Richard Winer. These publications were based on speculation, not science.

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Bermuda Triangle

Why is the Bermuda Triangle called the Devil's Triangle?

Could it be possible the devils triangle be haunted? - what other reasons can there be as no one can work out whats happening out there.

Bermuda Triangle

Why do people fear the Bermuda triangle?

It was said by the people that , there is a dragon under the sea . And if somebody passes through, it emits waves. So, that waves are responsible for the mystery of disappearing planes,aircrafts,etc., But as per our research , we found that there is a strong magnetic field under the sea. So, spiraling takes place in the water. The color of clouds changes and wheels passing through it are attracted down by water........-monish,sulur

Bermuda Triangle

Why doesn't technology work over the Bermuda Triangle?

A matter of diminishing forces at the square of the distance. Far enough above the harmful effects- well Spacecraft c riss-cross it all the time without incident, if one is on a small boat or plane in the lower atmosphere- some sort of vortex or whirlpool may be at work. Far enough above- no problem . In like manner commercial planes normally fly above the weather- so are only bothered by weather strikes during descents and landing phases! above l5 Grand weather effects on plane are negligible-0 this is called the rurbopause- the turbulent effects pause at about three miles up.


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