Why do boys act like they dont like you when they do?


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Boys probably act like that because they re shy to say something you HATE that's why.


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they act wierd because they like u and really dont no how to say it.

Ignore them or tell them to get lost.

Some boys dont like school so they dont put there all into there work. And then act dumb.

because they try to act like they like you in front of you then act like they dont in front of their pals/friends/boys/ or whatever you want to call them ----to all you guys out there if i were u i would ask the girl out (the worst thing she can say is no!!:P)

They dont want to return the love or are scared or shy

well most of the girls that like other boys they act lik they hate them or like they dont even notice the boy when she knows she likes him too

Boys try to act cool in front of friends at all times. They probably like you just not around their friends. Its like girls to fit in you have to be mean to other girls. It is very wrong, but that is also the truth about these days. -cassie

most boys dont like soap...

Act like a friend. Try and talk about boys around him so he knows you dont like him that way :)

guys act like guys because they try to look all cool around their women they try to protect her act like they are they shining armor but when the boys hang out with the boys the treat their women like a piece of tissue,a maid,and a servant that's why guys act like guys Because thei're guys.. kind of a no brainer dont you think??

Yes. Congratulations on picking up on this early; it takes a lot of girls decades to grasp this concept.

well if u meet them and have a good conversation and u dont act like a crazy fan they might like you

you just talk and be yourself. you dont do anything different,go to the movies,invite them over for a movie or party. You dont acted any different around them,just act like yourself you dont want to act nervous around them.

Because boys are boys and they find other women in the world.I know how u feel but if that boy wants another girl than he just dose........!

usually they either pretend to not like you, or sometimes ignore you. they dont want to show their feelings too much

Boys do act weird... but if they're acting weird to you only then that means they might like you ;)

No But i'm a girl , and i'm freaking out if girls have sperm and if it can act like a boys sperm Do girls have sperm? if they do can they act like a boys sperm? They don't have it

You just act like you act around every other boy you act .

you just act normal around her....girls dont like it when boys act a little funny around them b/c they like you should just talk like you would any other day.

Boys they wont like you as a friend or like like you if you act like a girly girl. That's what boys hate in girls.

Its so easy. Some boys make fun of you to other boys behind your back or even in front of you. Or some might just keep bad thoughts about you in their mind . They just ignore you.

I like boys just as much as you do :) But i dont like boys :(

if you dont like someone dont try to like someone. but if you need to then just picture them as someone you do like, and act like it is that person.

boys dont like girls if they dont have good hygiene (pick nose,smells funny,dandruff and unclean clothes) we also dont like it when they ignore you . boys do like it when we get a lot of atention especly when they flirt with u hope this helps XD

It means that boys will act like boys...mainly according to gender stereotypes.

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