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cuz they were born this way

-Lady Gaga

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Why are boys so ignorant?

As the saying goes "Boys are stupid, Girls are crazy"

Are some boys girl crazy?

Coming from a guy almost all boys are girl crazy.

Why are people so crazy about the movie twilight?

because they think the boys in it are hot and cute.

Why do people on club penguin act crazy?

Some people on club penguin just want to have fun and so they act crazy. You should try it it's pretty fun.

Does Sonic loves Shadow?

No... a friend. They're both boys so....it's crazy to think this....

Why do boys act so werid?

Mostly because they are boys.Boys and girls are growing up and are not mature adults yet, so they don't act logically or reasonably. They also have hormones starting up, which make things even weirder.

Why are teenage boys so immature?

they are trying to act "cool" for their friends

How do you date Mindless Behavior boys?

well if u meet them and have a good conversation and u dont act like a crazy fan they might like you

What are the ratings and certificates for Crazy to Act - 1927?

Crazy to Act - 1927 is rated/received certificates of: UK:U

Why are emo boys so hott?

well they are because they act hot and cute and so adorablle

What are the names of the two parts of the legislative branch of the itlian government?

stop act like so stupid ok i need your answer and what is wrong with you so much why are you act like so crazy?

How did the people act in ancient greek?

they were very wild and crazy

Why do boys have a wiener?

so that they can proform the reproductive act (sexual intercourse) with females

How do you measure crazy?

By how crazy of a act the said "crazy" person or thing does. I wouldn't, I would leave that to a professional.

Do boys like romantic letters?

yes lol. My guy went crazy when I did that. Tell him how lovely you think he is and that you are so happy when you are with him and he will be so pleased.

What does the saying be good mean?

It means that you need to control yourself and not act crazy It means that you need to control yourself and not act crazy

Does smoking make you act crazy?

Possibly. With all the chemicals that cigarettes have, it may be able to make you crazy. But, I'm only 9, so I'm not so sure. Sorry. But, you shouldn't smoke anyway.

Why do 6th grade boys act so perverted?

One word.... hormones ! lol

How do you hypnotize someone who needs to act crazy- but is just not capable?

let me give you the 411 on the situation- I'm acting as someone in a play- and so is a freind of mine- literally, i can act crazy- but she just can't so I'm looking for someway to make it so that she will act full of life at least- hypnosis- i really don't care as long as it solves the problem...

Why does my cat act crazy then tired and then sad?

This may sound sarcastic, but it is true-- because it's a cat! That's how ALL cats act. As they age, they act less "crazy".

Why are boys so crazy?

boys are crazy because they think that they are cool and know it Al's but the truth is that they don't know anything and they always have to ask a girl to help them but some don't even ask because they think that their reputation will be ruined and they will not be considered cool with a k anymore.

Why are boys fun?

boys are great creation of god. They are crazy and very funny. It is deed of god!

Do emo boys cazry?

Boys are crazy cause they make fun of the girls and that hard us

Why are boys slow when it comes to school?

Some boys dont like school so they dont put there all into there work. And then act dumb.

Why do girls like girl and boys like boys?

i think boys like boys and girls like girls because they are crazy and not smart in the head

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