Why do boys look under skirts?

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They are rude and acting crude. They can be arrested for doing it.
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Can boys wear netball skirts?

Frustratingly no, it's usually not allowed in schools or netball clubs and boys have to wear shorts instead. I wish it weren't, because I'm a boy and that's what I wear when I practice at home, with netball knickers underneath. The skirt keeps you cool when your running around and netball knickers g ( Full Answer )

Boys wearing skirts?

Kilts or skirts in general? Makes a little difference, but not much. It is really no different then girls wearing pants. For the most part it is someone trying to get attention or upset a parent, not because they like skirts.

Would you mind a boy trying on skirts or dresses in the mall?

Answer . Haha. Kinda. It would be very...Different. But I think its wrong. And it would disturb other people. So I say NO.. -------------------------------------. Nope not at all, its normal!! :] i agree i wouldent care i actually want to do that im a man!

Boy wearing skirts?

Not sure what your question is, but if it's the old "if I like to wear skirts am I gay?" thing, no. Lots of heterosexual men are into wearing women's clothes. It's a whole different thing called "transvestitism" (trans -- across, and vestite -- one who wears)

Is viewing under skirt illegal?

In some cases looking up someone's skirt is illegal. States allhave their own rules, and regulations on this. However, it issomething that you should not do.

Can twelve year old boys look under a twelve year old girls skirt?

NO generally as a boy speaking I know if I ever looked down my girlfriend's skirt she would be very mad at me do not look down a girls skirt or you are a perve. Now Be careful who you call a perve. If you think someone is looking down your skirt you cant be sure. Like me there is a girl at my school ( Full Answer )

Why is it ok for girl to wear pants but boys not wear skirts?

It's society pressure perhaps, it is OK for a girl to wear boy's pants as that is the weaker sex donning the "stronger" sex's clothes, but a boy putting on a girl's dress is the stronger sex putting on the "weaker" sex's clothes, that is my humble theory anyway. (Personally I wish I could wear skirt ( Full Answer )

Is it bad to look up girls skirts?

Yes. . Many places it is a crime. But where ever you are, people will think you are creepy. . If the girls haven't told you that its OK, then yes it is bad.

Look up skirts?

what?u mean questions about it? im very sorry, but im not sure what u mean. maby reask it more specificly? then i can answer u.😃

If guys get a chance to look under a girls skirt will they?

Yes most likely. Why not? Well, as an American Male, I can tell you that I have seen underneath womens' skirts before, but always by accident. I would never look under one intentionally, and though I can't answer for every man here, I can tell you that it simply depends on the man

How do you look up a girls skirt without being caught?

Most people would regard you doing this as very rude and sociallyunacceptable. Indeed in certain circumstances you could be reportedto the police for doing this and could end up with a criminalrecord. I would recommend that if you are attempting to do this you stopdoing so from now on.

Why can't boys wear skirts?

Because: . Their girlfriends would break up with them . They would look terrible . They would be noted as "gay" . Would never get a job because of that . Have you ever imagined Brad Pitt wearing a Mini Skirt? Awkward! some boys do in Scotland they wear things that are called tartans? ( Full Answer )

Does boys wear skirts?

some do. my gf (who used to be a lez) makes me wear them just for fun i like them but get really embarrassed when I'm wearing the outfit she likes me to wear outfit is : short pink skirt, pink 4inch heels, small tight top (also pink) and lots of pink makeup (it's really embarrassing) btw she likes p ( Full Answer )

Does a skirt and socks look nice?

no I'm afraid it only makes a persons calves look bigger and gives a very dorky appearance. But if you are wearing socks that do not show when you wear them such as low socks then I'm sure it wouldn't look very bad.

Can 12 year old boys wear mini-skirts?

If you are talking about the propriety of wearing girls clothing in public, there is no law against it in the United States. Go ahead. Be prepared for the consequences. You will be unmercifully teased and even molested. Satisfy your desire in privacy. It could just be a phase that will pass with tim ( Full Answer )

Your daughter wears diapers under her skirt?

I do and i go to an all girls school. Some times i worry if other girls can see it. catholic girls wear diapers and plastic pants under their communion dresses.i have seen them.some parishes require them

What is a under skirt?

\nIt either a peice of fabric the goes between the matress and box spring or\nsomething you wear under a skirt'

Elizabethan framework of hoops worn under the skirt?

Elizabethans were not allowed to wear what clothes they liked. Their clothing and items of apparel were dictated by Elizabethan Summitry Laws which governed the style and materials worn. The laws were used to control behavior and to make sure that a specific class structure was maintained. The penal ( Full Answer )

Does a petticoat go under a hoop skirt?

No a petticoat in the Civil War Era went on top of the hoop skirt, because the boning of the hoop would show through some fabrics of the skirt and give the look of a lamp shade or caged effect the petticoat went over the top of the hoop skirt to cover up the framing of the hoops.

Can boys wear girls skirts?

no only if it is a prank haha interesting,takes a whole new meaning to the term 'equality'.I'm thinking maybe one day kilts will become more widespread and we'd have that equivalent of skirts as to women.I'm thinking the chiton worn by Pit in kid icarus would catch on on teenage boys and young men ( Full Answer )

Is it okay for a boy to wear a skirt?

It is okay, and no-one has the right to stop a boy wearing a skirt if that's what he wants to do. It's much easier to do PE in a short skirt with pants underneath than it is in shorts, and likewise you keep cooler in the summer that way too. It's simply not fair that girls are allowed to dress that ( Full Answer )

Will a boy do better at tennis or netball if he wears a skirt?

Yes a boy should always wear a little pleated skirt and knickers for these sports. It will help you keep cool and move more freely. Ask your P.E. teacher if you can have permission to wear this. Hope it helps, love from Ella x x x

What do women wear under lacrosse skirts?

Spandex Shorts. Usually black in colour, unless told otherwise by the coach. An example are the 3 inch - 7inch Under Armour Spandex Shorts.

How can you look under a girls skirt?

There are two ways to look under a girls skirt; First would be to ask them, and then if given permission - look. The second way would be to use an object or other form of subterfuge to look without permission to do so; in most countries this is considered a form of sexual violation and can be ( Full Answer )

Why don't boys wear skirts?

boys dont wear skirts because skirts are for women and they once said pants were not for women but look where we are now.They just havent made the right ones.

Why do boys like looking up skirts?

Um, wow that would be horrible! There are several alternatives: 1. Cross you legs (that would prob be the best thing to do) 2. Wear something under your skirt (ie: tights, and dare I say it, bloomers..:) Your teachers need to know about this. You should go talk to your teacher, and if necessary, y ( Full Answer )

Do you wear short skirts to get a boy to like you?

No, you act like a decent, sincere, friendly, intelligent human being. Anyone who would like someone just because they dress provocatively is not worth having as a boyfriend.

What kind of panties do you wear under a mini skirt?

If this skirt is really short, then there is bound to be the possibility of an accidental panty flash, or you may even find yourself in a situation where someone may get a good look up your skirt. So avoid wearing bright colored regular panties which will draw way too much attention. I would su ( Full Answer )

Is it cool to wear tights under skirts?

Yes you can wear tights with Skirts - Im male and wearing tights and mini skirt that very cool as still as unisex clothes... no law agaisnt men wear skirt or dress or tights as it still allow to wear - feel free to wear what you like

Should you wear shorts under your skirt?

Yes you should I think it is important for girls all ages to wear shorts under your skirts. If you do then its your choice. I think that it makes women look more mature and smart. This is only my opinion.Last I want to say that girls who dont look more vulnerable and weak.

Do you think I should wear shorts under my school skirt?

Yes. There is no reason to start this game of peek-a-boo. If you are in school to learn. Wear the shorts, learn the material, and wait for the games when you can deal with losing. (Kids, STDs, emotional fights, cheating)

What should you wear under PE skirts?

Just wear some sexy thongs!! Nahh joking wear a pair of plain black or dark shorts that you can get cheaply at Primark or something

What do cherrleaders wear under here skirt?

penises that go inside thier strecthed out vaginas cause they wer former band members and they went to band camp. When they go to band camp, they are locked alone in thier rooms with the instruments you see.. They shove them up their vaginas so they are satisfied. they then squirt all over the trum ( Full Answer )

Why do boy not wear skirts?

Because the lifting of social stigma for men has not developed in tandem as that for women.We need a male equivalent of feminism to obtain our rights.Feminism will NOT fight for men,as we have seen so far. Time to get industries to start making kilts and tunics for us!!For men,we dont call it skirt ( Full Answer )

Would a mini skirt look good with platform shoes?

Mini skirts with platform shoes were a fashion staple of the 1970s, and they are currently back in vogue. As with any fashion trend, it's important to dress in a way that flatters your body type and pass up fashions that don't give you confidence.

Is it wrong to look up a girls skirt?

well,yes,i'd say that's wrong.'cause girls don't like that.and i'd not say going to do a thing girls don't like is NOT wrong.but, some people just do. might as well say that's a matter of opinion. but i'll just tell you, that can be considered a crime.

What do you wear under grass skirts?

Traditionally, the natives who wore grass skirts wore nothing under them. However a person nowadays has the option of wearing under pants such as a thong, bikini bottom or even shorts. Wear whatever you are comfortable wearing.

What do girls have under there skirt?

Well , for all u guys asking, we girls will usually wear panties under our skirt, and if not, we have our organs and privates under, u kno our vagina , butt so forth.we might not wear things under our dresses, skirt 'cause we may want attention or to pee (in a stall or Public) and poop(also in stall ( Full Answer )