Why do boys make fun of girls?

okay. here's your answer, boys make fun of girls because they usually like them. 99 percent of the time boys don't know what to say to girls so they look at their flaws. they just don't know how to talk to them. usually, girls believe this is untrue and think that what the boy is saying is true. and even if it is, he's only saying it because he LIKES you. this is just how they're minds work, they think that if they can get your attention, you'll like them back. TRUST ME, EITHER THE BOY IS A COMPLETE AND UTTER IDIOT OR HE LIKES YOU! don't listen to what they say. be a confident and happy person. don't let whatever ANYONE says get the best of you. show them who you really are! girls are under so much pressure, when they shouldn't be. every single girl on this planet is beautiful in their own way.