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okay. here's your answer, boys make fun of girls because they usually like them. 99 percent of the time boys don't know what to say to girls so they look at their flaws. they just don't know how to talk to them. usually, girls believe this is untrue and think that what the boy is saying is true. and even if it is, he's only saying it because he LIKES you. this is just how they're minds work, they think that if they can get your attention, you'll like them back. TRUST ME, EITHER THE BOY IS A COMPLETE AND UTTER IDIOT OR HE LIKES YOU! don't listen to what they say. be a confident and happy person. don't let whatever ANYONE says get the best of you. show them who you really are! girls are under so much pressure, when they shouldn't be. every single girl on this planet is beautiful in their own way.

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Why do boys make fun of girls they have a crush on?

they make fun of them to show how funny they are or they the girls

Why do girls laugh and make fun of boys?

because girls are stupid

Do emo boys cazry?

Boys are crazy cause they make fun of the girls and that hard us

Why do boys make fun of breasts?

boy usually made fun of girls boobs because they look big under or t-shirts and that boys make fun of everything you cant let it get to you once they mature they will understand that we girls need boobs

What are fun games online for girls? is pretty fun is for boys and girls but its fun

What might cause boys to ignore some girls?

They could feel a bit nervous because other boys and girls might make fun of them.

Are furbys for boys or girls?

yes they are made for both boys and girls furby=fun!

Is sex more fun for boys or girls?

Yes. Sex is fun for both of them...For girls toys are Artificial Hymen, Breast Enlargement Machine...For boys toys are Male Stroker,Penis Enlarger Device

What are some really fun preteen girl sites? poptropica(poptropica is for boys and girls but really fun) pixie hollow free realms(boys and girls) wizard101(boys and girls)

Why do girls make boys wear dresses?

Girls like to have fun! They might want to show what it feels like to be a girl.

What can girls dress up as for Halloween?

Boys They are always dressing up like girls, looking ridiculous and making fun of us. Why not turn the tables and make fun of them.

Do boys like freaky girls?

if you mean crazy no, i have a freaky weird girl in my grade and boys actually make fun of her. she creeps me out

How are girls supposed to understand guys?

Girls do understand boys. its boys that don't understand girls. boys always punch girls in the face and never even say sorry. obviously, im a girl or else i wouldn't be answering this question. Boys also make fun of girls and how ugly they are. but at least girls actually treat boys like humans.

Is Neopets for girls?

Neopets is for both boys and girls, some thims girls injoy Neopets than boys, but boys can have just as much fun!

Why would boys laugh at girls?

Because that's what guys do they find it fun to make fun of girls whether because there mates or they fancy the girl or they just don't like her that much boys find it easier to make fun of girls because they feel more powerful against them and they thing girls can't beat them up with is so not true but guys are jackasses so they think this.

Why do boys annoy girls so much?

Boys annoy girls because they like them and they think annoying them is fun.

Why girls talk about boys to other girls?

because it is fun Girls like Juicy Gossip

What is beauty job like?

Beauty jobs can be really exciting and fun you can for example put make up for girls boys models it can be really fun and you can make ots of money !

What are songs with the word fun in the title?

Fun Fun Fun by The Beach Boys Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper

What is the easiest way to get fit?

exersize and have fun with boys and girls

Why are boys annoying?

Sometimes they think girls are so full of themselfs and stuff so they think they can make fun of girls all they want without them telling.But what they dont know is girls can get boys in big trouble just by telling an adult.

Do boys like it when girls make out?

Well, I have seen girls make out. And let me tell you, I loved it. Most boys love it when girls make out. It is sexy.

How do you produce boys instaed of girls?

If you drink beer you make boys if you drink wine you make girls

Do boys get more made fun of than girls?

So far no boys only in my school all pick on the girls. So far no boys only in my school all pick on the girls.

Does Adam Lambert like girls?

No, he likes boys he is gay. And those of you whoe make fun of him it really isn't that funny.