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It is not that they don't understand they need to be told as they cannot pretend to know. Girls are more emotionally open and guys feel but usually hide their feelings and know when something is wrong or going on but hope it works itself out in order to avoid confrontation. They become very uncomfortable and at times feel less of a man when confronting feelings but at the same time they don't know unless you tell them - as with anyone. If you explain to them how your feeling without just expecting them to know things may go a little smoother however, in most cases you have to give them time to think about it. Don't generalize with boys either because some boys are emotionally intact and can or will try to understand. Don't ever base your opinion on a whole group because of one bad egg.

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Why girls don't understand boys all the time?

Be cause boys don't understand the stupidness of girls.

How are girls supposed to understand guys?

Girls do understand boys. its boys that don't understand girls. boys always punch girls in the face and never even say sorry. obviously, im a girl or else i wouldn't be answering this question. Boys also make fun of girls and how ugly they are. but at least girls actually treat boys like humans.

Who has more feelintgs girls or boys?

Boys has more feelings than girls!

What do girls feel when?

Girls feel real feelings when they understand genuine love towards them

Do girls have Stronger emotions than boys?

yes boys and girls both have the same feelings. even though they are the opposite sex.

Why do boys joke around with asking girls to go out with them?

Because boys are Dumb and hurt peoples feelings or make girls laugh

What do emo boys like?

girls who understand thememo or scene girlsgirls like themgirls who like them for them

Do boys find girls hard to understand just like girls can't understand boys?

Yes.. Both race cant figure each other out...its crazy!

How do you know your sexuality?

Well, if you get special feelings for girls and you are a girl you are a lesbian, but if you are a boy and get those feeling for girls you are straight. Girls and boys equals straight and boys and boys equals gay. But if you are a boy or girl and like both boys and girls then you are bisexual.

Why do girls talk about other boys when your on the phone with them?

because they expressing there feelings

What is different bitwen boys and girls?

There are no difference. Both have emotions and feelings.

Why are girls emotional?

girls are emotional because we have feelings and understand things better then boys. We are emotional because we care, love, and remember. But it also depends on what its about. take from someone who knows: a girl who's been through it

How do you understand a 7th grade boy?

Well... Boys are hard to understand by what I know.. I am not much older than you might be, and I dont even know much. Boys dont really understand girls and girls dont really understand guys.

Why do you have to count girls and boys in a circle of?

understand friends and thesplane

Why can't girls understand boys?

They are both different. The question is wrong because sometimes girls do understand boys. The only real time when girls understand boys is either when they pretend to or they are a tomboy. Tomboys are girls who are more boyish. Boys tend to age more slowly than girls so they can be a little more childish up until their late twenty's. Most girls age faster so they tend to mature more quickly. I hope this helped.

Why don't girls understand boys sometimes?

That is because sometimes boys have different ways or explaining or doing things that might confuse girls.

Why do girls usually experience sexual feelings earlier than boys?

Because they go through puberty before boys

Can boys like gay girls?

Yes, its perfectly natural, but they won't reciprocate the feelings.

Why girls are more better than boys?

TO BE HONEST I AM A GIRL MYSELF and truely boys are better than girls but boys just do not uses there brain .girls arn't better than boys .but scense they aren't using there brain that god has gaven them people say girls are better cause firls get more feelings that boys girls actully uses there brains .

Why most of the boys listen to the rap music rather girls?

most boys listen to music because it helps express there feelings

Why don't girls understand guys feelings?

Well, because they're girls. Our minds work differently than guys', so sometimes we don't understand what they mean by things.

Why girls cant understand boys feelings?

us girls are different than guys, we have different minds than they do, we always thing ugh, boys dont have feelings they r so tough and have no heart, a girl doesnt ever completely understand a guys feelings, just like guys never completely understand girls feelings, we think so but actually no. We think more like (no offense to all girls) its all about us, we dont pay attention to guys feelings, only ours and other girls. Even girls dont always get other girls feelings inside, sometimes it is a personal situation that becomes involved with a private situation and nobody gets it because they dont know what that private situation is...and if u r a guy, do u ALWAYS 100% of the time, know what all ur friends r feeling, even if they r trying to hide it. Think, when they try to explain something to u, u might thinkl...thats not as bad as they r making it seem, it is more personal than public, a past situation or family issue that involves with feelings an cant always explain an dont always want to except others feelings also, i hope this helps :)

Should girls express their feelings toward boys?

Yes.. they should.. but then again.. it depends on the boy..

If your best friend talks to the boy you like and as soon as he hears your name he hangs up what does that mean?

boys are boys, they can't understand their feelings for girls most of the time.he was probabablly asking your friend about you and was so nervious that when he heard you name he freaked out and hung up.

What if your lover is not understand feelings?

if your lover does not understand your feelings?

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