Why do boys use jockstraps?

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Boys wear jockstraps for a few reasons. Some wear them to hold a protective cup. Others wear jockstraps for support, to keep their penis and testicles in place while they run or workout.

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Q: Why do boys use jockstraps?
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Do boys wear jockstraps?

Yes, many boys wear jockstraps, whether it's for sports, running, working out, gym class, or just because.

Should all boys wear jockstraps?

Boys really should wear jockstraps for sports that require a cup, and for running and working out to support the genitals.

Should boys wear jockstraps?

While playing sports that is a sensible thing to do.

Why should boys wear jockstraps?

Boys should wear jockstraps for a few reasons. First, they need to wear them for any sports where a cup is needed, to prevent a direct hit. Also, boys should wear jockstraps for non-contact activities such as running or phys ed class because they support the genitals and prevent soreness or injuries such as testicular torsion (twisting).

What type of jockstraps do mma fighters use?

fighters dont wear jockstraps they use , specialized underwear that protects the "boys" well and keeps errything in place

Are schools requiring jockstraps?

Some middle schools and high schools do require boys to wear jockstraps for Phys Ed. Others encourage or recommend it. It'd be a good idea, regardless.

Should boys wear jockstraps while swimming?

depends but yea i do. By all means Boys of any age who wear Board shorts must wear a regular jockstrap if they cant fit into a bike swimmer jockstrap. The mesh lining in most swim suits provide no support. Swimmer jockstraps are also good under Speedo swimsuits for training since the swimsuits get loose after a few months. In private pools swimmer jockstraps are great for a better sun tan while swimming or suntanning. Nylon and lycra swimmer jockstraps are made for swimmers.

Where can you find jockstraps for boys?

Most sporting goods stores carry youth sizes, many down to a 20" waist or smaller.

Do they make jockstraps for children?

i havent herd of themm Yes - there are boys/youth sizes, with smaller waist sizes and smaller pouches.

Can jockstraps be used as normal underware?

yes,jockstraps provide the necessary protection and support that a underware supposed to provide

Are jockstraps comfertable?

heck yeah

Do runners wear jockstraps?

most do

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