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Q: Why do boys were boring tuxedo and girls get to were cloths?
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Do girls also think about sex all time like boys?

most girls do only boring girls dont

Why girls change cloths in front of girls even boys cant do that?

Girls have more confidence with themselves ... some guys can but they usually dont;t

Why do girls get embarssed in front of boys?

Beacause They Think That If They Talk About Some Thing Girly That The Boy Will Think Its Stupid Or Boring.

Why the voice of the girls are different from the boys?

Well, Its the fact of puberty. If we all had the same voice life would be very boring.

What is the best gift for a ten year old?

For girls cloths,make-up,shoes, and jeweley. For boys BRAINS LOL:) But serously stuff 4 sports 4 boys probualy

What are some ways boy like girls in?

Boys like girls who can relate to them. More than likely, boys and men's taste will vary. they want you to not talk about boring things they couldn't possibly talk about like shoes or gossip.

What do eight year old girls talk about?

Hannah Montana, makeup, Disney channel, friends, boys, cats, siblings, boring things

Do boys like skinny or hour glass shapped girls?

I reckon guys like hour glass shapped girls because they have more booty and skinny chicks are just boring

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In poptropica are boys popular to girls or girls are popular to boys?

it is so simple boys to girls . who is the people to ask out , boys ask girls . girls do not ask boys.

Does Miley date girls boys or boys and girls?