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Braces hurt because your teeth are moving, they're getting straight!

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โˆ™ 2012-03-26 01:09:52
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Q: Why do braces hurt the next day?
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Does it hurt when you get your braces on?

no not when they put them on,but they are very very very sore the next day!!!!!!!!!!!

Are braces painful when you get them?

No But It Will Feel Sore The Next Day That's When Your Wax Comes In Handy.And It Might Hurt The Next Day After They Tighten Them.But ENJOY Your BRACES They ROCK!!!:D

Are braces painful?

Braces Do NOT Hurt When You Get Them.But They Might Feel Sore The Next Day.If They Hook On Your Gums You Just Use The Wax And Put It On Your Brace.And They Will Only Hurt The Next Day After They Tighten Them.But Don't Worry About Feeling PAIN It Doesn't HURT And Enjoy Your Braces While You Have Them I

Do tightenung braces hurt?

No getting braces tighten does not hurt it only is uncomfortable but after a hour with your braces they start to hurt.

What do braces feel like on the second day?

I hate to tell you, but they really hurt. By the third day, they wont hurt as much though.

Do Bottom braces hurt?

Your teeth are MOVING with braces. So, they WILL hurt.

Does it hurt when they put on your braces?

Usually it doesn't hurt when they put them on. Your mouth is usually sore for the next 3-4 days though.

If you are 11 years of age will braces hurt?

does getting braces hurt?, cuz i will get braces i dont know when i want one but i dont know will it hurt or not

Does it hurt when you get invisible braces?

i don't think getting invisible braces are different from getting normal braces and braces does not hurt when you are getting them but when you got them on for a few hours or so it will kinda hurt

Does braces hurt getting them on?

No, it does not hurt while getting braces on but it is uncomfortable, and afterwards it hurts

Does it hurt to get braces?

Getting braces will hurt for some people but not all. Everyone is different.

Do braces hurt or do braces hurt?

Your braces WILL hurt. You can try taking some pain relief and chew sugar free chewing gum. For more queries, contact

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