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1- you breathe too heavy. 2-You don't have the defroster on. 3-your heater core is leaking Best guesses of top of my head. It would be nice to know what you have, since all cars aren't created equal.

I am just thinking about just might be the THERMOSTAT....If you have luke warm air blowing thru the vents when you are standing still and then get a blast of waarm air when you start to move (that warmth is coming from the engine).

Check the 'STAT, every 24 months.....

I just had this happen, and I remember from other times.....

good luck

I have that problem sometimes, too. In winter you should have the Fresh Air switch set to receive air from outside the car. Otherwise you are just recycling the moist air you are breathing inside the car, contributing to the buildup of fog on the windows.

Some cars are worse then others with fogging. I know all the Toyotas I've owned no matter what the age(assuming that when they were brand new they had no other problem causing the fogging) have always been horrible with windows fogging up. My brother seems to mostly buy Hondas and he doesn't seem to have much of a fogging problem.

I usually keep the window cracked a bit in the winter. That seems to help more then anything else.

O.K...., Let's see, here... The human body is a nice, warm 98.6 degrees F; The outside temperature is below, say, 40 degrees F; Hmmm... Do you think it could be caused by the same principle that makes 'smoke' come out of your mouth when you breathe out in frigid weather?! Or, maybe it's the same principle that allows you to breathe on a piece of glass and briefly 'write' on it with your finger. Wow! What a concept!


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Q: Why do car windows get foggy inside in cold weather?
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