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Even though cats go crazy and some even seem drugged around catnip it's not a drug. It's actually an herb that belongs to the mint family. When the leaves are broken it releases a certain chemical that most cats respond to.

All cats respond differently to catnip. Some of them walk away cuz they couldn't care less, but others go ape. The cats that do go crazy are responding to the active ingredient in catnip called Nepetalactone. The reaction to this chemical is caused by the organ that operates a cat's five senses (touch, smell, sight, sound and taste.)

Those cats that do react will eat it or lick it; some roll in it and others just sniff it. The catnip reaction is inherited so not all of them respond. Young kittens and old cats rarely respond although large cats like tigers will. If your cat's behavior doesn't change around catnip it's nothing to worry about. About 10 to 30 percent of cats don't go berserk over catnip.

Catnip is completely safe and isn't addictive to cats so give your feline friend a treat like Catnip Puffs every now and then. The most amusing thing about giving cats catnip is the behavior change. Although it's safe, keep in mind you can have too much of a good thing. If a cat eats lots of fresh catnip it could puke or have diarrhea but this is rare. If it does happen don't give your cat as much catnip or any at all.

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What ingredients are in cat nip?

there is lots of products in cat nip but cat nip is mostly like an energy drink for cats but what is in cat nip is a herb/plant that has an effect on cats that make them go nuts!

What does cat nip do to your cat?

Gets them hyper. cat nip to cats = Marijuana to people

What is cat nip?

Cat nip is just a type of grass that appeals to cats! You can purchase the actual plant in Gardening sections of stores. The more common kind of cat nip is dried out and packaged. Cat nip is not bad for cats, that I know of! Hope your cats enjoy it!

Why does cat nip make cats go crazy?

the reason cat nip makes cats hyper is it is a literal term for cat cocain

What are the uses for catnip for cats?

Cat nip is used to enhance a harmless psychological behavior in some cats, allowing a more placid cat to be a bit mischievous, it can be used to lure a cat to a favorite hiding place to sleep. Putting cat nip on the sides of your sofa will stop the cat from damaging the sides. Cat nip toys will encourage exercise. Cat nip if from the mint family with aromatic properties. Its safe for humans and will definitely benefit your cat. Cats love rubbing up against catnip but most cats under the age of 6 months do not respond to cat nip.

Are cats supposed to eat cat nip?


Is cat nip harmful to dogs or cats if eaten?


What is the name of the cats eating?

Cat nip. Mothereffer.

Can cats get addicted to cat nip?

No, it isn't addictive.

Is Cat Nip A Drug To Cats?

No, they don't. They just love it.

Can cats get high on catnip?

Yes my male cats seem to get high off cat nip

What does a cat like?

Cat's love cat nip and usually enjoy small balls and fake mice to play with.It depends on the cat. But all cats like to have clean water. I know that much.

How do you pump cats?

by giving them a nos! NO just joking! give them cat nip! ;)

How do you bribe your cat?

Alot of people use cat nip to bribe their cats or lure them somewhere. I have a cat that loves cat nip and it usually works when you have ALOT of it. You can buy them at Walmart's, Target, Petsmart, and many others. I hope this helped :)

Why do cats eat cat nip?

It sort of stimulates their senses. It also makes them hyper.

Who discovered cat nip?

A really happy cat. In actuality, the person that originally discovered catnip's affects on cats is unknown.

HOW DOES IT take to make a dragon to go to sleep?

It is like this you have cat nip but change it to dragon nip

Why does catnip have such a strange effect on a kitty cat?

Catnip has such a strange effect on cats because the scent of the cat nip is processed by the hypothalamus, which is the area of the brain which triggers behavior in cats.

Why wont your cat use its scratching post?

well then you should get cat nip at mr.pets catnip attracts the cats or cat to go whereever you put the catnip

Is cat nip toxic?

Yes cat nip is very toxic the only way to save your cat after it has ate cat nip is to cut open their stomach and remove it

What types of plants do cats not like to eat?

orcids bushes trees flowers roses anything that isnt grass they really dont like to eat besides cat nip

What smells do cats despise?

the smell most cats despise is a all gross or fowell smells but there 1 thing cats do love the smell of and that's cat nip!!

What caterpillar eats cat nip?

there is no caterpillars that eat cat nip, all caterpillars will see what it is by taking a nibble but no caterpillar eats cat nip

How does a cat react around cat nip?

Most cats become playful and will usually bat it around in a playful manner, rolling around and playing with it. However, some cats are not effected by catnip at all.

Is cat nip ok for dogs?

yes! in fact dogs go crazy about catnip just like cats! don't let the name fool you, it should be called householdpetnip