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Memories are usually triggered by something related to that particular instance. For example - a certain perfume may remind you of an old girlfirend. The sound of fireworks could remind you of a notable birthday etc.

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Certain things trigger memories because of the way our brains encode and store information. When we experience an event or encounter a certain smell, sound, or sight, our brains create connections with that experience. When we encounter those same triggers later on, it can activate those stored memories, bringing them to the forefront of our minds.

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Q: Why do certain things trigger memories?
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What is the nerve that helps you to smell?

olfactory nerve - which is located near the Limbic System and can trigger memories.

Does the scent of smell can affect your memory and emotion?

Yes, scents are strongly linked to memory and emotion due to the way the brain processes smell. Certain scents can trigger vivid memories and evoke specific emotions, making scent a powerful tool for triggering nostalgia or creating certain moods.

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