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because the water in them makes them cooler than the ambient air around them. therefore, the collect moisture out of the air as condensation.

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What is the price of commodes?

The Home Depot advertises commodes ranging from $78.00 to over $400.00. They have both one-piece toilets and two-piece toilets in a wide range of varieties and styles.

What is the value of old commodes?

That depends, do you mean as a functional item or as a piece of art?

What will remove copper sulfate stain from porcelain?

what will remove copper sulfate stain in commodes

What is the function of the sweat pore?

The sweat pore is were the sweat from the sweat gland is released. The main function of sweat is temperature regulation (thermoregulation).

Do horses sweat and how do they sweat?

yes horses sweat. They sweat when they need to cool down just like humans. The sweat comes out of their pores.

Do snake sweat?

it lacks sweat glands so it do not sweat.

Do birds sweat?

No, birds do not have sweat glands so they can not sweat.

How is sweat made?

Sweat is a secretion of sweat glands in the skin.

What gland is sweat released by?

Sweat is released by sweat glands.

Can the dermis produce sweat?

Dermis can not produce the sweat. Sweat is produced by the sweat glands. They lie in the dermis.

What makes us sweat?

the sweat glands in your body are what make you sweat

Do vaginas sweat?

The vulva does sweat. The vagina itself has no use for sweat.

Why do rhinos sweat red?

They don't sweat. Its Hippos that red sweat

What is the between of hippo sweat and human sweat?

Colour.Hippo sweat is red/orange while human sweat is colourless.

What is the function of the pore of sweat glands?

The sweat gland produce sweat. The sweat pore provides a portal of exit for the body wastes excreted in the sweat. Sweat also helps to cool the body down.

What is the difference between sweat duct and sweat gland?

sweat glands :are small tubular structures of the skin that produce sweat. sweat duct :a small duct that conveys sweat from a sudoriferous gland to the surface of the skin.

What do sweat glands produce?

sweat and in certain cases pheromones.Sweat glands produce sweat, generally used to cool the body.

What are 5 substances that have urea?

1. sweat 1. sweat 1. sweat

How does the skin get rid of sweat?

Sweat is excreted through the sweat glands in the skin

How do you produce sweat?

Sweat is basically water produced by the sweat glands in the skin. Your body's Integumentary system produces the sweat. THen evaporation does its job and your body fat is turned into sweat.

How does the body sweat?

sweat glands.

Does sweat have bacteria in it?

Sweat does have bacteria in it.

Where do frogs sweat?

they dont sweat!

Do shar pei's sweat?

No they do not sweat

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