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Why do countries want to join the EU?


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Because of the right to travel and work in other EU countries and other advantages


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=People want their countries to join the EU too, and also because of all those support and most of the countries that join the eu is very rich and most of them are really popular.=

As of 2014, Serbia and Turkey are some of the countries seeking to join the EU. Other countries that have shown interest include Iceland and Albania.

There are many countries that do not want to join. The two most well known are Switzerland and Norway.

Some do not want to join. Some have not met the criteria needed to join. Some have applied and will join in the future.

It does not want to join. Just under half of the countries in Europe are not members of the organisation that is known as the European Union. A lot of them do not want to join. Belarus is one of those countries.

this program should have any kind of answer that the people ask you guys. so far you don't have two of my questions. those questions are why did countries originally join the European Union? the other one is why do fromer communist countries want to join the EU? THAT IS MY PROBLEM IF YOU WANTED TO WHAT MY PROBLEM WAS AND THERE YOU GO BY!

The first 6 countries to join the EU were Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and West Germany

Countries in Europe should join the EU because it makes a sucure government and also the people can access banks that are wihtin the EU

the eu started in 1957 and since then 27 countries have joined the eu. hope this helps! <3 :-)

They dont want to lose all there money$$$$$$$. (and pesos) If they join they might have the same freedoms they have without the eu. TO BE CONTINUED IN 2056.......

Barcelona is a Spanish city. Only sovereign countries can join the EU. Spain is a member of the EU.

Countries in Europe should join the Eu because it makes a secure government and also the people cam access banks that are within the EU.

They most likely do not see the need to join as they think they can prosper more so on their own and the EU will just drag them down. This idea is somewhat becoming widespread, as the EU deals with its massive economic problems. However, this doesn't quite wave a red flag for all European countries, as the EU is looking to expand to help its economic problems. Currently, all European countries with the exception of Switzerland and Belarus plan to join the EU, and even some countries outside of Europe plan on joining or are being sought out by the EU (such as Israel).

yes anyone can join the eu, not just the countries in Europe. if you look at history of eu Greenland was once a member and that was in Americas (well just off) XDAnswer 2No. To join the EU a country must satisfy the requirements if the EU.It must be a European country.It must be a democratic country.It must agree to join the EU customs union. I.e. no customs duties between the country and the other countries of the EU. And no customs checks at EU internal borders.It must agree to the EU rules on freedom of movement. I.e. all citizens of all EU countries have equal rights to live and work in all EU countries.It must agree to EU principles of Human Rights.

They joined the EU in 2004 on the 1st of may. Since then they have been added to the list of EU countries.

Countries that are located in Europe or are considered Europeanized countries can join the European Union. Europeanized countries are countries whose culture is adopted from Europe and that have a large European population. For example, Iceland, Norway, or the Ukraine can join the EU since they are all located in Europe, and thus are European countries. But the United States, Canada, or Israel could also join the EU since they are all Europeanized countries. They must also be democratic, with an economic system that is compatible with that of the other EU countries.

I know that Turkey wants membership but the EU doesn't want to admit it because it is largely a Muslim state and it would provide an influx of cheap labor into the EU which would in turn lower wages for the average EU worker. Croatia and Macedonia are also candidate countries

Type your answer here no they didnt want to they had no choice

Albania did not join the EU.

Monaco did not join the EU.

Slovakia wants to join the eu and also allready did. From 2009 Slovak koruna would not exist anymore and we will have euro

Countries join the European Union because they believe it will be beneficial for them in the future. They think it will bring about a stronger economy, improved foreign relations, etc. The EU also has free trade and free travel within its boundaries, which is another reason why countries join the EU.

The three countries are Croatia, Macedonia and Turkey are official candidates to join the EU. Two did get their candidacy accepted. Macedonia is waiting for acceptance.

Eastern European countries need to adopt more Western values to join the EU. These countries have already been doing so since the breakup of the Soviet Union.

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