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I think because it smells like his food he ate so he eats it

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Why do dogs eat their own poop sometimes?

Dogs may sometimes eat their own poop as their poop will still contain nutrients that they need. To combat this, one can feed them a diet that contains the nutrients they need.

Do dogs eat their own poop?

No but some dogs might without knowing

What do dogs poop?

Dogs poop what they eat.

Why does dogs breath smell like poop?

they eat their own poop! Testimony to the fact that dogs are basically entirely unclead and dogs somtimes get rid of another dogs 'scentmark' by, discusting as it sound, eating it.

Do dogs only poop after they eat?

no dogs dont usaully poop after they eat, they usaully a sleep before they have a poop or even to go to the toilet

Is it normal to eat dogs poo?

For some dogs, it is normal for them to eat or even eat another dogs poop.

Is it harmful for baby to eat his own poop?

I would imagine so, Would you eat your own poop?

Did you eat your own poop?

no you did

Is It Healthy for dogs to eat human Poop?


Do hamsters eat their own poop?

yes they even eat each others poop

Would you eat dog poop for repect?

no. dogs are not supposed to eat dog poop because it can give them diseases.

Is it Unhealthy for dogs to eat cat poop?


Why do dogs eat pig poop?

uhh, where did you here that?

Do cows eat their own poop?

Having lived on a dairy for a period of time, I've never seen a cow eat its own poop (aka: cow pie). So no, I don't believe cows eat their own poop.

Is it bad when your dog eats cow poop?

No. Dogs eat their own poo sometimes too. It may be disgusting but they know that there is nutrients in it they need so they eat it.

Why do horses eat their own poop?

Horses eat manure if they are not fed enough, there is hay in poop and if theydon't have any food, they will most likely eat their poop or other horses poop.

Can dogs eat spicy?

if you want them to fart and poop spcy...

Do dogs know that what they eat turns into poop?

Yes, I believe they do.

Do beavors eat their own poop?


Do flies eat their own poop?


If you were starving could you eat your own poop?

Well if you eat poop, you get VERY sick so i wouldn't eat it even if i was starving

Is poop a food to some people?

to people without money, yes. sometimes dogs eat their poop

Why do dogs poop in their own bed?

Because dogs don't care where they poop if they gotta go they will go anywhere even inside their feeding bowls.

Why do dogs eat rabbit poop?

For unknown reasons, dogs appear to find the scent and taste of feces pleasant, therefore dogs will eat the feces.

What types of veggies can dogs eat?

dogs like lettuce but do not give them carrots the will have bad poop

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