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Why do dogs lick their owners?


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the reason why a dog licks you is a sign i love and trust. dogs like to ensure their owners that they trust them.

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Wiener dogs like to bark play sit on their owners lap and lick

Because dogs love their owners. They smell the scent off their owners clothing and how much more personal can you get then your own underwear!

Why do dogs lick there paws

Dogs lick blisters because they are cleaning the blister for you. Also because they are dogs and they lick everything.

If dogs do not lick you then they do not appriciate you. Dogs lick you when you give them a treat or play with them.

dogs lick their to legs clean themselves.

Sign of caring and trust towards the ownerAnswer:Sentimentality aside, young dogs lick their mothers to induce her to throw up food she has already eaten. It is more easily digested by their immature digestive system. Adult dogs continue to o this to their owners in hope that the owners will give them something to eat (hopefully a prepared treat).

Dogs lick your for a couple reasons... Either they want to get your attention,or they just like you. Some dogs just lick you for the salt on your skin.

Dogs lick humans because of the salt on our skin.

Have another dog lick it for them!

its like how we kiss dogs lick so when they lick us they wont you to lick them in a way stroking them or scratching them will make them very happy

dogs lick people to let you know that they love you as an owner

a lick meen a kiss from dogs

Yes. They lick their own when they itch.

Of course not. Is a human lick permanent?

Dogs lick peoples ears because they think that they are the dominant key in your family.

Boy dogs mainly lick there junk because they havent mated before!

First of need to learn how to spell. "Why do dogs lick themselves?" The answer is...................... because they can.

Dogs ears get ichie. Other dogs lick in side other dogs ears to clean and make them stop iching.

That is how dogs show respect. I groups dogs will lick the alpha dog, to show respect.

why do dogs or cats lick you? it is kind of the same thing!

Um, because dogs don't use toilet paper. It is for cleaning purposes if they lick a human vagina, that is different. Why do they lick human vaginas??

Dogs lick people for many reasons. They may lick you because you are sad, they may be happy or just because they love you.

They lick you beacasue dogs like to show compassion. They lick you because they love you, but also if you have been around other dogs/animals they like the taste.

To clean their di**#$%. The tongue is natures washcloth, dogs lick themselves to keep clean.

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